Stand out in the crowd on Facebook

The Facebook-commissioned Factworks study found that two-thirds of people surveyed say they visit a local business Page on Facebook at least once a week.  Imagine adding data regarding visits to business pages on other social media platforms to this traffic. Clearly your Facebook Page is a really powerful platform for you to connect with customers,…


Gen Z: who are they and how to market to them

Generation Z are going to comprise 32% of the global population next year and 40% of all consumers within the next two years. So brands need to be paying more attention to this evolving generation – hanging out where they hang out and talking to them in language that resonates. Melia Rayner explains more in…


Grow your Instagram the right way

Want more Instagram followers?  Growing your Instagram audience can be great for business, but buying followers or likes or using bots isn’t how it’s done.

Follow Hootsuite’s 21 top tip for growing your Instagram following organically. Do it the right way and learn how here.

How do you avoid ad fatigue?

Ad performance declines when people have seen an ad too many times resulting in fatigue. This happens especially fast on social media. Find out how to avoid it here.

We’re still buzzing…..

In case you missed it, our Head Giraffe Lynda Schenk was named Marketer of the Year in the 2018 Australian Women in Wine Awards in Sydney last week.  We’re still buzzing with this news and couldn’t be prouder of Lynda’s well deserved achievement! Take a look at the highlights and ‘best bits’ from the day…


That winning feeling!

We are so proud to have been awarded the Marketer of the Year at the 2018 Australian Women in Wine Awards last Friday at Quay in Sydney. This award recognises excellence in implementing a marketing initiative, campaign or strategy. It’s in moments like these that I like to take a moment to reflect on the…


How to utilise short form video content

Short form video content is allowing brands to catch consumers attention in just 3 seconds. Learn how to use videos to allow consumers to learn and discover, build brand credibility or tell a real-life consumer story here.