Pinterest for Business: 8 Strategies You Need to Know

It may not be a social media behemoth like Facebook or Instagram, but Pinterest is an important social platform with deep penetration in valuable demographics. Pinterest is a network where people look for inspiration, including specifically seeking out ideas about new products to buy. According to eMarketer, only Facebook outranks Pinterest in terms of influencing social media…


5 Things Entrepreneurs should know about risk taking

“Well, as giraffes say, you don’t get no leaves unless you stick your neck out.“ What risks are you taking in your business? Entrepreneur Asia Pacific explores 5 things entrepreneurs need to know about taking risks. 1. Risk-taking is inherent in entrepreneurship. 2. There are different types of risks. 3. Some of your risks won’t pay off. 4. We’re inherently…


Why cultivating diversity equals business success

“It’s well-documented that diversity in organisations translates to better results and significantly better culture,” says Sam McDonagh, country manager for Airbnb tells Marketing Magazine.

Read more about how creating a workplace that cultivates differences can enable organisations to gain a competitive advantage in an ever-changing and increasingly competitive marketplace here.

Top Tips to protect your brand on Social Media

There can be risks associated with social media – both doing it and not doing it.  “Not doing it” is a risk mot businesses aren’t prepared to take….. Luckily, Hootsuite offers some information on the risks associated and top tips on how to avoid them and maintain security for your business. Read all about it…


Data Protection: what you need to know to protect your business

Respectful use of data is increasingly important, especially in light of incidents such at the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scenario. And achieving cut-through in a clutter and noisy market to reach your target audience and provide engaging and relevant content is a massive goal. Marketing spoke with Marketo chief customer officer Matt Zilli about competition, AI and how…


Insider Tips on Linked In B2B marketing

Linked In is an invaluable tool for business to business marketing to access target audiences and grow brand awareness and leads. So, who doesn’t want the tops tips from a Linked In insider? Marketing Magazine spoke to Linked In’s Director of Marketing Solutions, Prue Cox about lead generation, targeted content and marketing automation on LinkedIn and…