1000s to 1000000s with influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is the talk of the town right now, but what is it all about? Learn in Marketing Magazine how Social Soup’s Sunbite’s campaign used social influencers to achieve these outstanding results: The campaign reached 2300 targeted sampling influencers and 50 micro influencers, who then delivered a combined reach of more than 1.2 million…


The cost of poor presentations

“One poor presentation can cost you clients, customers and sometimes, even, careers. But we usually fail to consider this when we’re rushing to do a cut-and-paste job from a previous presentation or some last-minute tweaks to something dug up from the archives, time and time again.” says Emma Bannister of the Presentation Studio in Marketing…


#DisneyWall just got a whole lot sweeter

In April Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland #DisneyWall trend exploded on social media.  It wasn’t just ANY wall – it is a #purplewall.  But, of course!!! And if there’s anything Disney does well, it is market, merchandise and upsell…. introducing the “Purple Wall Slush” a taro tea slushie that comes with tapioca boba pearls, whipped cream, and a…


What The Font! Netflix

Netflix has unveiled its new font known as Netflix Sans, which according to its brand design lead Noah Nathan, is intended to serve “both display and functional purposes”. Netflix is not the first company to have created its own font. In January this year, The Coca-Cola Company launched its own font known as TCCC Unity. Custom fonts are ownable and…


The No. 1 Reason Why Marketing Plans Crash and Burn

Templates, blueprints, and other tools promise clarity and simplicity, but, plans can sail off the rails in a hurry when the process doesn’t begin with the right task. Are you making this key mistake? Out of all the challenges a marketing plan presents, perhaps the single most critical is………

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Voice Marketing. What is that?

New research from IAB Australia shows that media agencies are regularly buying podcast advertising almost three times more than a year ago (5% to 14%). This year promises further interest in the platform, with 62% of agencies saying they intend to purchase live-read podcast advertising within the next 12 months.

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Do #Hashtags Really Work?

Social media tracking and web monitoring firm Mention analysed over 115 million Instagram posts and found that the common assumption that hashtags lead to increases in engagement may be wrong. Instead tagging other users in posts will increase engagement levels. #wow

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Facebook changes permissions for third-party platforms

The privacy issue that Facebook has been accused of recently with Cambridge Analytica has been on the tip of our tongues at Purple Giraffe HQ this week.  In case you missed it, read more about it here. Those who use Social Media posting platforms will be feeling the same pain we have been. Taking steps to keep user’s information safe and secure, Facebook…


Australia’s online habits: who’s doing what, where and for how long?

Marketing Magazine reports that the IAB’s ‘Digital Landscape’ found that over 17 million Australians over the age of 18 went online in February.

The majority of online Australians accessed the internet via their phones at 15.5 million (87%), with desktop computers at 14.9 million (86%) and tablets at 8.3 million (49%).

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