4 reasons you should add Pinterest to your business’ social media strategy

Zoom in of laptop screen, 4 reasons you should add Pinterest to your business’ social media strategy

Social media for business: it’s nothing new. In 2022, having at least a Facebook and Instagram account for your business should be a core component for every business owner …. and their dog. (Just ask Purple Giraffe’s resident pup – Coco!) In 2020, 90% of Australian small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) had a Facebook presence. But Pinterest for business is slightly less common. In Australia, there are 7 million monthly Pinterest users clicking through pins and searching for visual inspiration – and the products and services to help them realise this in their lives. In this blog, we outline 4 reasons you should add Pinterest to your business’ social media strategy:

1) Double down on your niche 

Rule #1 of social media marketing is to know your audience. If your business caters to a specific niche, then Pinterest is the place to target them.  

As a social media platform, one of Pinterest’s main purposes is for users to curate an aesthetic. In other words: users are using Pinterest to categorise their personal niches.  

This is an asset to your business, as it becomes easy to target users based on their product preferences.  

Globally, Pinterest has 442 million monthly active users. Some of the top Australian audiences on Pinterest include: 

  • 37% of mums are on Pinterest 
  • 42% of Australia’s millennials are on Pinterest 
  • 53% of these millennials are women 
  • 32% are men 
  • On average, 36% of Australian Pinterest users have a $100,000+ annual household income.  

Use Pinterest to refine your own niche and target the perfect audiences for your business’ products or services.  

2) Pay to play and cut through the noise 

In Australia, Pinterest ads have the potential to reach 4.10 million people. 

According to Pinterest’s own advertising values, “Pinterest is the only platform where ads are additive.”  

This appears to ring true for platform users, who rate ads on Pinterest 1.4 times more relevant and useful than those on other platforms. 

This is because of the format of ads on Pinterest. While ads on other social media platforms are often disruptive (looking at you, Instagram story ads) or in-your-face banner ads, they don’t add to the organic user experience.  

Whereas, on Pinterest, ads are integrated into the regular Explore page interface. 

Users find what they love while advertisers grow their businesses. It’s a mutually beneficial advertising structure that helps to cut through the noise of advertising on other platforms. 

3) Set up shop 

Since 2021, Pinterest has offered shoppable pins in Australia. This feature allows users to shop directly from pins, boards, and their saved searches without leaving the app.  

Once a user clicks on a pin, it will pop up with labels for each shoppable product, plus a direct link out to the site of the original pin poster. 

This is a powerful tool as it allows your products to directly reach a wider audience. 

Research by Pinterest shows that 93% of users utilise Pinterest to plan purchases and 87% have made a purchase after seeing something they liked on Pinterest. 

In result, having your product available on Pinterest with the shop function only adds to the ease of users’ shopping experience, making your product more discoverable and more shoppable.  

4) Integrate with other business platforms 

Finally, Pinterest has a huge range of strategic ways to implement the platform within your social media strategy. One key method is via easy integration with other platforms.  

A few ways you can integrate your Pinterest Business profile with your wider marketing activity includes: 

  • Embed pins in your blogs to generate more repins. You can do this by creating embedded code via Pinterest’s Widget Builder. 
  • Link, link, link back to your website. You can add links in the description and one in your pin source. 
  • Integrate Pinterest with your own shop software. Use Shopify for your website? Have your own Etsy store? You can integrate Pinterest.
  • Integrate your analytics software with Pinterest for greater tracking of your activity.  

Pinterest offers a great option for you to better hone your social media strategy, especially if your business sells products. So, what are you waiting for? Explore Pinterest for Business today. 

If you’re looking to create an integrated social media strategy for your business, then chat to our team today! 

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