Social media strategic map

Keep your business's digital presence on brand

Social media helps to validate your brand and it’s no longer an optional component of your marketing mix.  Social media is an essential way for companies to reach their consumers, and when done right, tells your consumers that your brand is active and focused on communications.

A social media strategy acts as a guide to keep your business on track and on brand.  It will assist your business drive traffic to your website or bricks and mortar store.

At Purple Giraffe, we strive to develop strategic marketing plans that are not full of fluff and waffle. In order to help you write a social media strategic plan for your business, Purple Giraffe has developed a social media map for your convenience.

The social media map enables you to develop a social media strategic plan that is succinct and concise.  Our social media map will help you develop the foundations of your social media strategy to market your products/services to achieve the best outcomes for your business.

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Social Media Strategic Map

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