Purple Giraffe was founded in Adelaide in 2014 when marketing expert Lynda Schenk saw the growing need for outsourced marketing consultants.

She soon put her extensive marketing experience to work offering businesses the flexibility, cost-effectiveness and many other benefits that come from outsourcing their marketing needs. Lynda’s refreshing philosophy regarding Purple Giraffe clients is “When you win, we win.”

Purple Giraffe offers end to end marketing consulting services drawing on our proven ability to formulate actionable marketing plans and tactics, brand strategies and marketing communication plans that build brand equity, growth and profitability for our clients.

We stand for integrity, trust and fun

At Purple Giraffe we love working with you one-on-one, to align strategies exactly to your needs and business objectives. You can trust that we will seek outcomes that are manageable for your business needs today and into the future.

We are practical

We don’t believe in waffle. So our marketing plans are succinct, to the point and action bound.  We will get the best value for you from your marketing budget and will work hard to ensure all strategies and outcomes are reached.

We are innovative and creative

With our teams combined 80 years of experience, we can bring a broad depth of knowledge to your business. But just as importantly, we’ll be a fresh set of eyes, also bringing innovation and creative thinking to the table. Our great strength of strategic and innovative thinking drives results.

We are your partner

We proudly partner you in your vision, passion and commitment to your brand and business. We approach every project with genuine enthusiasm, integrity and loyalty. Because if you win, we win. Read more about our team here.

About our founder, Lynda Schenk

For almost three decades, Lynda Schenk has worked across the wine, hospitality, transport and not-for-profit industries and has a deep understanding of the marketing needs of companies, small and large.

She has an innate ability to formulate marketing plans, brand strategies and marketing communication plans that build brand equity, growth and profitability.

Lynda’s strength as a marketing consultant, is in listening to what you need and working with you to develop strategies and tactics that will give your organisation both longevity and short term results.

Meet the rest of the Purple Giraffe Team

Why the name Purple Giraffe?

The quirky name of Purple Giraffe was inspired by a favourite soft toy of our founder’s son, the purple, singing, swaying giraffe that brought joy and laughter to the home.

It was chosen as our company’s name and mascot because of the giraffe’s unique ability to see far and to reach things that seem unreachable, while the colour purple is strong and creative.

The Purple Giraffe perfectly embodies our ethos: we get great pleasure in providing creative, quality work that will help our clients reach afar and their businesses or products grow tall.

The sun always shines above the clouds.” – Paul F. Davis

What we do

As Adelaide’s premier marketing consultants, Purple Giraffe has expertise and experience in connecting consumers with brands and working closely with businesses around Australia.

We can work with you from the very initial concepts of creating a product or brand or we can take your existing brand and help make it stronger, more durable and more relevant to your customer.

We can implement your existing marketing plans, update your plans or, if you’ve never had a marketing plan, we can create one that will keep your business ahead of new technologies, emerging communication platforms, changing consumer profiles, or your new organisational structure.

Purple Giraffe offers your business the opportunity to outsource all your marketing needs including:

Our online services