Our story

Our story started in 2014 when marketing professional, Lynda Schenk, recognised a growing need for outsourced marketing consultants.

She soon put her extensive marketing experience to work offering businesses the flexibility, cost-effectiveness and many other benefits that come from outsourcing their marketing needs.

Today we have offices in Adelaide and Perth, however our clients are from all over the world.

Lynda’s refreshing philosophy that underpins Purple Giraffe and its unique client-focus is “When you win, we win.”

Why the name Purple Giraffe?

The quirky name of Purple Giraffe was inspired by a favourite soft toy of our founder’s son, the purple, singing, swaying giraffe that brought joy and laughter to her home.

It was chosen as our company’s name and mascot because of the giraffe’s unique ability to see far and to reach things that seem unreachable, while the colour purple is strong and creative.

The Purple Giraffe perfectly embodies our ethos which is: we get great pleasure in providing creative, quality work that will help our clients reach afar and their businesses or products grow tall.

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