Marketing services

We believe a fully integrated marketing approach offers the best results for any business and on that basis, Purple Giraffe is a full service marketing provider, which means we offer a vast array of marketing services including:

Advertising management

Planning, managing and measuring memorable advertising activities in order to best reach our client’s desired target market. This is through both paid and unpaid channels.  We can make your brand stand out from the crowd.


We create meaningful copy that speaks directly to your target marketing. Purple Giraffe can create copy for any purpose, including brochures, website, newsletters, tasting notes, corporate brochures, press releases, blogs, briefs, emails and much more.

Digital marketing

Harness the power of digital.  Digital Marketing incorporates the components of marketing that utilise the internet and online based digital technologies such as computers, mobile phones, tablets and other digital media and platform to promote your product of service. Take a look at our Digital Marketing section to identify Purple Giraffe’s complete suite of capabilities. Read more >>

Event management

From concept to execution, Purple Giraffe will partner with your business to manage your event while keeping your brand and objective of the event at its heart. If you are an existing Purple Giraffe Outsourced Marketing client, we can manage your event to ensure your event stays true to your brand values.

Social media management

We keep abreast of the latest market trends and Purple Giraffe’s dedicated social media team can help you develop a voice and craft a dialogue with your consumers through social listening, campaigns, relevant content creation and optimisation. Read more >>

Content strategy

A strategic approach gets results. At Purple Giraffe we work with you to set your digital content strategy, and we strive to develop engaging content that is aligned with your key messages and that will resonate with your target market.

Graphic design

Stand out for the crowd through visual communications.  Purple Giraffe offers a full graphic design service, from logo design, point of sale material, social media campaigns, product packaging, invitations, through to large corporate brochures. You name it, we have designed it.

Marketing plans

Our goal is to work with you to develop a strategic marketing plan that is in line with your overall business goals. We understand how to make the connections between the consumer and your brand in this fast-paced new world. Our aim is to develop a marketing plan that you will follow and benefit from, without all the marketing fluff.

Public relations and communications

Public Relations is much more than sending a press release and hoping for the best. At Purple Giraffe, we craft compelling narratives to securing media coverage, we’ll make your story shine. Let us boost your visibility and reputation in the digital age.


Sponsorship development and evaluation

The Purple Giraffe team will work with your business sponsor partners to foster the relationship and maximise its marketing outcomes. Through our sponsorship management experience, we can help your business maximise your spend and save you time.

Website management

Streamline your online presence with our website management services. From regular updates to ensuring optimal performance, we’ve got your website covered. Focus on your business while we ensure your digital storefront is being found.

Grant writing

Unlocking funding opportunties for your vision.  At Purple Giraffe, we understand that turning your vision into reality often requires financial support. That’s where we come in. We are your dedicated partner in the complex world of grant writing.

Survey development and execution

Purple Giraffe can develop, execute and measure your survey initiative. The benefits of outsourcing the entire survey project to Purple Giraffe include:

You name it - if it's a marketing function we have the capabilities inhouse. So, when working with Purple Giraffe you are guaranteed an integrated marketing service from start to finish.

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