Social media marketing

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Having a strategic approach towards social media marketing is essential

At Purple Giraffe, we have all our social media team under the same roof in Australia. We have local people, working with local businesses. Our social strategy is based on continual evaluation and refinement to ensure we are achieving the best results we can for your campaign.​

Our social media marketing team can support your business on all things social, including:

Social media strategy

Everything good starts with a strategy. At Purple Giraffe we work with you to set your social media strategy. We strive to develop engaging content that is aligned with your key messages that will resonate with your target market.

Content management

Purple Giraffe are proficient at all social media platforms, however our core focus is with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

We keep abreast of the latest social media market trends, including social stories, bringing a human face to a brand, video and developing engaging content.

Social media remarketing

Remarketing is a powerfully targeted online advertising strategy that will help with sales conversion. Purple Giraffe will group consumers into like audiences and create targeted remarketing messaging to these individuals, helping to drive these potential customers back into your sales funnel.

Social media advertising

It is becoming more and more difficult for business to achieve organic social media reach in most social platforms. Facebook in particular is forcing business to pay-to-play.

Therefore, to gain a meaningful reach in this social platform a paid advertising strategy can ensure your content is being seen.

Measuring and reporting

Purple Giraffe will monitor performances daily, including the like and engagement growth.

A quarterly report will be developed for your review to ensure the desired results are achievable, the objectives of your campaign will tie in with your social media strategy and business goals.

Social media engagement strategy

In conjunction with our content management, to ensure maximum engagement, Purple Giraffe will:

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