Helping your business grow

Our vision is to help as many business grow as we possibly can (there is no limit).

Not all businesses have the resources to outsource their marketing (which for obvious reasons, we think it best), but we still want to help.  So we have developed these tools to help you help your business grow.  

Marketing health check resources

The Purple Giraffe Team has developed a quick, simple and effective way to check your marketing pulse and with it, make an assessment if you need some loving care!

The questions will paint us a picture of where your organisation is at in terms of its marketing thinking, direction and assets. It will also provide us with the information to form a health care plan for the future to get your business in tip top marketing shape.

One page marketing plan template

The one page marketing plan enables you to develop a marketing plan that is succinct and concise. 

Our one page marketing plan will help you develop the foundations of your marketing strategy to market your products/services to achieve the best outcomes for your business.

Target market

Defining your target market is critical to the success of your marketing strategy. 

The clearer you are on who your target market is, the more effective and efficient your marketing strategy will be.

Image guidelines

They say a picture is worth a thousand words; but on social media a picture is worth even more. Do you know what size your image should be for each social media platform? If not, you could be missing valuable space to tell your brands story. 

With a few simple tweaks, you could upgrade your imagery all on your own. 

Digital image optimisation

By crafting images with the ideal format, size, and resolution, you captivate your audience and create a seamless user experience.

But that’s not all – web-safe file names play a crucial role too. Enabling assistive technology and search engines, like Google, to understand your image content enhances accessibility and boosts your search engine optimisation (SEO) rankings.

Discover all the tips and tricks to optimising your images and making them web-safe.

Social media strategic map

Social media is an essential way for companies to reach their consumers, and when done right, tells your consumers that your brand is active and focused on communications.

Our social media map will help you develop the foundations of your social media strategy to market your products/services to achieve the best outcomes for your business.

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