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Have you been sending press releases to the media but failing to get your work published? The media love receiving new content and press releases, but they aren’t enthusiastic about poor-quality PR efforts. Here at Purple Giraffe, we understand how difficult it can be to get the media’s attention, and that’s why we’ve shared some of our insider tips on how to perfect your press release and pitch to get media success for your business.

Make your email pitch punchy

Firstly, you should know that journalists receive up to 200 press releases and story pitches a day. This means you have around 2.5 seconds to grab their attention before your email is deleted and your efforts go to waste.

Your email to the media shouldn’t be the first paragraph of your press release, it should cover why the story you’re trying to tell is important, how it will impact your target audience and why they should care about the information in your press release. Statements and facts will be your best friend in the email pitch.

Location, location, location!

Just like in real estate, journalists love the location of a story. If your press release is about a particular town, region or city then mention that in your headline or in the subject line of your email pitch. Local journalists love local topics, so if the impact of your story will affect 100 people in Adelaide, use this as the tool that gets their attention.

Adding a location to your pitch and press release may just be the difference between it being picked up or getting deleted.

Get ready for your close-up!

The best advice we have been given by the media is that if you’re sending a press release, make sure you’re ready to be interviewed that day. There’s nothing a journalist or reporter finds more irritating than contacting you for an interview, photo opportunity or video footage and you can’t make it happen that day. Before you send anything make sure the appropriate person is available and ready on the day you send your press release out.

If you can prove to the media that you are a reliable ‘talent’ contact, they will reach out to you when an expert opinion is needed for a developing story they’re working on.

The full package

If you have an image, logo, soundbite, quote, or video footage that pairs perfectly with your press release, send it as an attachment. Chances are it won’t get used because journalists prefer to get these things themselves, but if they’re pushed for time then they’ll use whatever content you have given them.

To go the extra mile and become the media’s go-to contact for content, send them a complete story along with everything mentioned above. This means writing a copy of your press release as if it was published as a story.

Make it exclusive

Giving a journalist or a particular publication the exclusive to your press release is the best way to guarantee they turn your press release into a story. Exclusive press releases mean that you are actively choosing to put all your eggs in one basket and journalists love it.

No journalist wants to run a story that their competition has done first, and they feel more obligated to tell a story that no one else has told before. Before you send an exclusive press release, ensure the person you pitch to is connected to your target audience.

It’s important to remember that not every press release will get picked up by the media, that has nothing to do with your press release, no matter how good it is. Newsrooms are busy, there is important information that the public needs to know that will get priority over a press release.

There is always the option to send a follow-up email or ring a journalist to find out why your press release wasn’t published. 9 times out of 10 they’re happy to give you an answer to help you improve your skills as press releases are an important part of the media.

If all this seems challenging and you’re about to put PR and press releases in the ‘too hard pile’, Purple Giraffe are experts at copywriting and converting with the media and we’re always happy to help any business big or small get their message out. Because you have a story that needs to be told and we know that! Contact us today.

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