AI Platforms Demystified: Unleashing the Magic of Effective Prompting for Marketers

AI Prompting

AI software has been a hot topic for Purple Giraffe and has ignited the curiosity of the entire marketing industry. Recently, some of our team members attended a marketing meetup in Adelaide, where they delved into the magic of ChatGPT and AI tools for marketers.  

What was the biggest takeaway from the event you ask?  

Effective AI prompting is where the magic happens!  

Just like Hermione Granger said in Harry Potter – “It’s Leviosa, Not Leviosaaa!” Prompting is like wizards, witches, or magical beings learning to master magical spells. 

With prompting, the more expertly you wave your wand (or craft your prompt), the more powerful the magic (outcome). This is your chance to become a wizard of AI prompting and truly unlock the magic of AI.  

What is Prompt Engineering 

Before we delve into the details of AI acronyms, let’s clear up what ‘prompt engineering’ is and why marketers should care about it. 

Prompt engineering is the art of refining your interactions with AI. It involves precisely shaping the phrasing and structure of your ‘prompts’ to extract the best from AI software. It’s somewhat like perfecting the delivery of a spell – the words, the phrasing, and the intent all need to be just right. 

Envision prompt engineering as being the one in control of a high-stakes Quidditch match. Your AI is the broomstick, primed and ready to manoeuvre. Your role is to guide the broomstick (or the AI, in our case) to perform exactly as you envision it. The ‘prompts’ you choose will significantly influence the result of the match, or the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. 

Now that we’ve unveiled what prompt engineering is, let’s explore some best practice techniques to make your marketing strategies soar like a Golden Snitch. 

Best Practice Techniques: Steering Your AI Broomstick 

Be Precise 

AI, advanced as it is, is not an all-knowing crystal ball. The more explicit you are with your prompts, the more precise the output will be. Therefore, if you’re designing a marketing campaign for millennials interested in fitness, state it exactly as such! 

Experiment and Iterate 

Like the process of mastering a new spell, prompt engineering can involve some trial and error. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different prompts, assess the results, adjust, and try again. Remember, every ‘mishap’ brings you one step closer to the ‘perfect cast’. 

Utilise Templates 

AI appreciates structure, much like a spell requires a specific incantation. Templates can provide a guide that helps AI understand the kind of response you’re seeking. They can be particularly helpful when you need AI to generate content in a specific format, such as a blog post, a tweet, or a product description. 

Adopt the Right Tone 

AI tools like ChatGPT can generate text in various tones, from formal and professional to casual and light-hearted. Ensure your prompt sets not only what you want to say, but also how you want to say it. 

Use Examples Wisely 

A clear example can often prove more effective than a lengthy explanation. Providing an example or two of the kind of output you’re aiming for can significantly enhance the accuracy and quality of AI’s response. 

In an industry where AI technology is fast becoming an influential player, mastering the art of prompt engineering is akin to having your secret map, your wand in the wizarding world, your guide to successfully navigate the complex maze of marketing. Take hold of this opportunity to embark on a transformative journey as an AI prompting expert and unlock the true potential of AI magic like never before. Remember, becoming an AI prompting expert will truly let you harness the magic of AI technology. 

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Emilee Waye

A creative and result-oriented marketing professional, Emilee has helped companies promote products and services meeting commercial objectives. Graduating with a Bachelor of Marketing and Communication in 2017 from the University of South Australia, Emilee demonstrates a collaborative and commercially minded approach to accelerate growth and stimulate a competitive advantage. Alongside this experience, Emilee has worked for over 10 years in the retail industry, demonstrating proficiency in improving the customer experience with an omni-channel approach. Her experience within the retail industry has provided Emilee with a deep understanding of distinctive branding and visual communication with consumers. This experience has instilled in Emilee a passion for creativity that excels in bringing brands to life through branding, event management and content creation. Aside from marketing, you’ll find Emilee enjoying long beach walks, visiting her favourite SA wineries, finding new places to explore (e.g. new cocktail bars) and hanging out with her husband, friends and family.

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