Bard, ChatGPT and Bing Chat comparison

Bard ChatGPT and Bing Chat Comparison

At Purple Giraffe, we are passionate about harnessing the power of AI technologies to enhance our work processes. As part of our continuous exploration, we have seamlessly integrated three remarkable AI tools into our workflow: ChatGPT, Bard, and Bing Chat. 

In this blog post, we present you with a concise comparison of these AI tools, highlighting their key features, similarities, and differences. By sharing our findings, we aim to provide you with valuable insights to help you determine which tool best aligns with your business requirements.

  ChatGPT Bard Experiment Bing Chat 
Pricing   $33.35 AUD per month  Free  Free – will need to set up an account to access all features  
Account setup   Email and password needed  Google, YouTube or Gmail account  Outlook email – cannot use a work or school email to set up an account 
Data source   Pre-defined data – last updated in 2021  Google Search  Bing Search  
Accuracy   Not accurate on current events whatsoever.   Bard is still in its experimental phase, meaning it doesn’t guarantee accuracy   Very accurate as data is pulled from user queries, search results and web pages.  
  • Generating creative text formats
  • Can detect plagiarism in your work
  • Understanding and responding to natural language
  • Can find you any type of image on the internet   
  • Understanding the content of an image and can create images (only available with an account)
  • Integrated with Microsoft Office and Windows  
Developer   OpenAI  Google    Microsoft  
Limitations   Can struggle with complex tasks if it doesn’t have data to support your request   Bard is still in its experimental phase, meaning it is the most powerful or resourceful AI tool yet   Limited to 5 responses per chat thread and 150 conversations a day  
Response time  Immediate   Within 5 seconds   Within 3 seconds  
Mobile access?   Yes – web browser   Yes – web browser   Yes – App 
Technology  GPT-4  LaMDA  GPT-4  
References answers?   No   Yes, but limited   Yes  
Image resizing?   Yes, and convert format  Not at this stage   Yes, and convert format 
Browser extension   No  Yes   Yes 
User interface   Easy to read and navigate   Looks similar to Google Search, breaks down text   Looks like a message thread, easy to digest information 
Clear chat threads and data?   Yes  Yes  Yes  
Export threads?   Can share a link to chat   Yes   Yes 

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