Benefits of a Wine Club

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Imagine getting wine delivered to your door every week, month or quarter. Imagine opening that great-tasting box of wine from a trusted winery. That’s the benefits of joining a wine club. 

A wine club offering is a must for many Australian wine brands, with at least 60% of Australian Wineries offering a wine club.  

Wine club sales account for 70 percent of global wine sales. In 2018-19 new wine club memberships increased by 54 percent. This means wine club sales were more popular than tasting room experiences. This growth continued through COVID-19, with wine club sales growing by 10 percent in 2020-21. 

So, what is a wine club?  

A wine club is an ecommerce direct to consumer offering allowing brands to break away from traditional forms of distribution. Wines are selected by industry professionals and distributed at intervals for a subscription fee.

Read on to learn how a wine club can benefit your wine business and consumers.

1. Boosted profits

Each new wine club member ensures cashflow. In 2021, wine club sales accounted for approximately 10 percent of the average winery’s revenue. A wine club allows for pre-allocation, guaranteeing sales and eliminating distributors, allowing your business to generate maximum profit.  

A single sale may occur in a tasting room, a wine club multiplies this by the length of a consumer membership. 

2. Builds extensive customer databases

As your wine club grows, so should your customer database! 

80% of Australian wine clubs have up to 1000 members according to Wine Direct. Businesses can segment their target market to offer a variety of wine club tiers to their database. This allows for effective communication to your customers.

3. Attracts consumers

Wine clubs offer loyalty points, bonuses and savings, making them appeal to your customers.

Wine clubs allow tailored messaging about events, new varietals, exclusive releases and business operations. With greater reach and visibility through these communication offerings, your brand can see increased lead generation and growth.

4. Saves time

Wine clubs save time. Convenience and range are growing trends in the wine industry supported by wine clubs. A winemaker puts together different varietals specific to the wine club tier and target market. This is a great way to try premium wines at a discounted rate.

Businesses and consumers can enjoy the benefits of a wine club. Over time your business will see increased profit, sales and better inventory planning. Customers see discounted prices, exclusive communications, regular wine supply, and access to a premium selection – it’s a win, win situation! 

If you are a business investigating a wine club offering or a consumer considering signing up, what are you waiting for? 

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