Canva launches a series of new features, including AI-powered tools

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Canva, the popular graphic design platform, has recently launched a set of cutting-edge features to help users streamline their content creation process. Among these features are a new Brand Hub, a suite of AI-powered tools, and a range of new editing options.

Read on to discover what each new feature involves.

1. Brand Hub

A new management suite of brand features called Brand Hub has been added to the existing Visual Worksuite, helping users to remain consistent with their organisation’s visual identity. With this feature, users can create and share a Brand Kit containing logos, colours, fonts, icons, imagery, graphics, and brand guidelines to ensure consistency across all design assets. Additionally, team admins can set up ‘Brand Controls’ to limit the fonts and codes available to other team members, saving them the trouble of checking hex codes and avoiding the wrong assets from being used.

This new feature further includes a Brand Templates tool designed to help users save time on repetitive tasks like email campaigns and create more content while staying on brand.

2. AI-powered ‘Magic’ tools

Canva’s new update also includes a range of AI-driven tools such as Magic Design, Magic Eraser, Magic Edit, and Magic Write, allowing users to speed up their design process. Magic Design permits users to generate a selection of tailored templates from any image uploaded. Magic Eraser can remove any unwanted object in an image, while Magic Edit enables users to replace an object with something entirely different using a text prompt. Finally, Magic Write is Canva’s new copywriting assistant, now available across the whole Visual Worksuite, making it easier than ever to write everything.

3. Beat Sync & Translate

In addition to Canva’s magic tools, the platform has introduced a greater range of AI features such as Beat Sync and Translate. Beat Sync automatically matches a soundtrack to your video footage without requiring any manual edits, while Translate can automatically translate any design to over 100 different languages allowing you to connect with audiences across the world.

4. Additional features: Shape Assist, fonts alt text and more

In response to users’ requests, Canva has announced an array of new features, such as Shape Assist, layout recommendations, 953 new fonts, and editing options for layers, styles, and gradients. You can now generate Alt text for images, media and elements directly within Canva.

Canva’s free version allows users to utilise the AI tool to create 100 AI-generated images per day and use Magic Write up to 25 times compared to 75 times within a billing month for Pro members. However, it is essential to note that some of the editing tools such as the pictures or stickers may only be available to you through the premium paid version of Canva.

These new features will revolutionise the way you create designs and make your design process even more efficient and streamlined . For more details on each tool and feature, you can visit the Canva website here.

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Fadila Valiyff

Fadila Valiyff

Fadila is a young rising Marketing and Communications professional as she comes to the end of her Bachelor of Marketing and Communications degree at the University of South Australia. With a passion for copywriting and social media marketing, Fadila finds helping clients achieve their marketing goals a reward in itself. Her can-do attitude and commitment to bring brands to life, allows her to work efficiently and expand her knowledge and passion within her work here at Purple Giraffe.

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