Evidence-based decision making: Why it is key for SME’s marketing strategy

Evidence based decision making

Whether your venture is a startup or an established business in a competitive market, the key to effective marketing lies in evidence-based decision making (EBDM). It’s about making strategic decisions obtained from analysed data, not on hunches or outdated practices. This means using data to understand your target audience, identify your marketing goals, effectively measure marketing campaigns. This is especially true for small to medium size businesses (SMEs), which often have limited resources and need to make the most of every marketing dollar. 

Numerous advantages come with the application of EBDM in marketing. For instance, it can aid you to: 

Increase your marketing ROI

By utilising data to monitor the efficacy of your marketing efforts, you can determine what’s successful and what’s falling short. This insight can guide you in making decisions about how to allocate your marketing expenses. 

Refine your marketing accuracy

By understanding your target audience, you can craft marketing messages that are more likely to resonate with them. This could lead to elevated click-through rates, conversion rates, and ultimately, sales. 

Boost your customer experience

By deploying data to track customer behaviour, you can spot opportunities to enhance your customer experience. This could result in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

EBDM isn’t solely confined to moulding your marketing endeavours; it plays a vital role in the broader business landscape. It involves leveraging statistics, trends, customer insights, and industry best practices to create comprehensive marketing plans. This analytical approach ensures your business stays competitive by making informed, data-driven decisions. This could entail analysing customer behaviour trends, identifying industry patterns, observing competitor actions, and integrating other relevant data points to formulate clear strategies. All these elements are interconnected and considerably amplified by a solid evidence-based decision-making process. 

EBDM extends beyond shaping your marketing campaigns, offering critical insights that can aid in the review, optimisation, and development of all business procedures. Within this strategy, marketing evolves from being a standalone function into a vital part of your overall business strategy, contributing to both the growth and success of your enterprise. 

Start Small, Be Patient, and Collaborate 

When aspiring to embed EBDM in your organisation, remember to begin small, display patience, and endorse collaboration. Start by concentrating on one or two facets of your marketing strategy, accurately tracking the results. With tangible success, you can progressively expand the application of EBDM.  

Nurturing a culture of EBDM within your organisation is a journey that won’t generate results immediately. Persistence is paramount – continue collecting relevant data, making educated decisions based on your findings, and over time, the advantages will become evident. Don’t shy away from utilising other tools, resources, or marketing specialists for guidance. 

Top Resources for Evidence-Based Decision Making 

There are many tools and resources that can assist you in adopting an evidence-based approach. Some of our favourites include: 

Google Analytics

This tool offers insights into your website’s performance and user behaviour, informing you about what’s working and what’s not. 


This is a comprehensive digital marketing toolbox that provides a wide range of analytics data. Semrush not only provides insights into your website’s performance but also offers competitor information about how your rivals are performing in terms of SEO, paid search, social media, and content marketing. 

Social Media Analytics

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn come with integrated analytics that can help you understand your audience and measure the success of your social media initiatives. 

CRM Systems

Tools such as Salesforce or HubSpot can provide invaluable data about customer behaviour and preferences, enabling you to tailor your marketing efforts accordingly. 

Survey Tools

Platforms like SurveyMonkey can be employed to gather qualitative data from your customers or potential customers, offering deeper insights into their preferences and needs. 

If you’re an SME, I encourage you to explore more about evidence-based decision making and begin utilising it in your marketing. It’s an excellent approach to amplify your marketing ROI, refine your marketing accuracy, elevate your customer experience and of course measure performance 

By adopting an EBDM approach, your business can focus its efforts, respond to market changes, innovate efficiently, and retain a competitive edge. Remember, in today’s dynamic business environment, the most successful companies are those that base decisions on evidence, not intuition or assumption. 

If you’re managing a small to medium-sized business and aren’t certain where to start, our team at Purple Giraffe is just a phone call away. As your outsourced marketing experts, we’re here to help jumpstart your decision-making procedures. We bring a professional yet friendly touch to everything we do, so let’s connect and begin to make things happen! 

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Emilee Waye

Emilee Waye

A creative and result-oriented marketing professional, Emilee has helped companies promote products and services meeting commercial objectives. Graduating with a Bachelor of Marketing and Communication in 2017 from the University of South Australia, Emilee demonstrates a collaborative and commercially minded approach to accelerate growth and stimulate a competitive advantage. Alongside this experience, Emilee has worked for over 10 years in the retail industry, demonstrating proficiency in improving the customer experience with an omni-channel approach. Her experience within the retail industry has provided Emilee with a deep understanding of distinctive branding and visual communication with consumers. This experience has instilled in Emilee a passion for creativity that excels in bringing brands to life through branding, event management and content creation. Aside from marketing, you’ll find Emilee enjoying long beach walks, visiting her favourite SA wineries, finding new places to explore (e.g. new cocktail bars) and hanging out with her husband, friends and family.

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