Facebook’s ‘@followers’ feature allows Pages to tag all followers

It is often difficult to cut through the number of posts on people’s newsfeeds and ensure your Facebook posts are seen by your followers.

You may already be familiar with Meta’s 2022 update on Facebook, which allowed group admins to use “@everyone” in their post caption or comments to instantly notify all group members of the post.

But, did you know Facebook has a feature that allows Page admins to tag their followers in their post using “@followers” in either the caption or comment section once a day?



Let’s delve into the exciting possibilities and undesirable drawbacks this feature brings to businesses:

Improving Visibility

By tagging followers, you can ensure your post receives the attention it deserves. The “@followers” feature boosts post visibility and can also enhance engagement. More likes, comments, and shares will lead to greater impressions and reach.

Strengthening Your Connection With Followers

The “@followers” feature can create a sense of personalisation for your followers and make them feel included in your page activities. It can also foster a connection with your followers by showing them their interactions and comments matter.

Unveiling Important Offers or Promotions

The “@followers” feature is an amazing feature to utilise when posting about a new or exciting offer or promotion your business is running as it will increase awareness and ultimately evolve into lead generation. By directly notifying your followers you can generate excitement and a sense of urgency around the particular offer or promotion.

The Downside of “@followers”

This feature could ultimately diminish the user experience in the short or long term. If a follower is receiving notifications every day from your page, they will begin ignoring them, taking away from the point of the feature. The annoyance could even lead them to unfollow your page or turn away from purchasing your product or using your service.

The “@followers” feature could also come across to a follower that they are one in many and not treated as individuals.

So, what’s the verdict?

Just because you can tag all your followers in a post doesn’t mean you should!

We definitely recommend trying this feature out! However, use it sparingly and strategically to achieve optimal results.

Be mindful of your target audience and your follower demographic – think about how they are using Facebook. If your page has a significant announcement, an exciting offer or a post that will be extremely valuable for all your followers to see, using the “@followers” feature can prove to be successful.

If you’re looking to enhance your business’s social media strategy, we’re here to help! Get in touch today!

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