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In the realm of marketing, outsourcing to a consultancy can be a game-changer. When deciding between multiple specialised consultancies or a single full-service partner like Purple Giraffe, the latter offers a range of benefits. From efficient workflows to consistent branding and diverse expertise, lets explore five reasons why this approach could transform your business.

Streamline Workflows, Avoid Double Handling and Save Time

Using multiple consultancies to manage your marketing projects results in more of your time spent briefing and updating each consultancy. Coordinating amongst numerous agencies can be difficult and time-consuming.

If you use more than one consultancy, you or your team will spend time double handling. Why? Because you will need to share new information with multiple contacts, manage asset sharing for new projects, facilitate communication between consultancies (in some cases), and spend more time doing administration work.  

Workflow can be simplified by grouping all your marketing initiatives under a full-service marketing consultancy.  

Having a single point of contact saves time and resources by streamlining processes, simplifying communication, and avoiding the need for coordination between multiple external partners. Rather than managing multiple consultants and coordinating their activities, you can rely on a single team that understands the big picture of your business and can align their efforts accordingly. 

At Purple Giraffe, we are fortunate to have a team with specialties in graphic design, digital marketing, traditional advertising, strategy development, event management, tender writing and grant applications, content creation, copywriting, research and reporting, social media marketing, and public relations and communications. 

Our approach is to partner with you to develop a deep understanding of your business goals, before creating a holistic marketing strategy that facilitates efficient and effective execution of all marketing tactics.  

Save Money

Developing the starting points of campaign messaging and artwork is often the most time-consuming stage in any project. Once the strategy and content pillars or key messages have been developed, they can be scaled across multiple platforms, with some tweaks to suit the placement and/or audience.

Adapting and scaling these for different platforms and audiences is the easy part. So why would you pay two consultancies for the initial development of strategy, messaging, or artwork?  

Maximise productive outputs, efficiency, and budget by choosing an integrated marketing consultancy that offers you a team of dedicated marketing experts (who genuinely care), with a broad range of skills and a wealth of experiences across multiple industries.   

Purple Giraffe offers a range of tailored packages to suit your business requirements and budget.  

Ensure Consistent Branding and Messaging to your Audience

Having one consultancy that fully understands your business strategy, objectives, and how to consistently present your brand to your audience across all touch points, is imperative to the success of executing your marketing strategy.  

Creating a strong brand means ensuring a consistent tone of voice and use of visual assets. Having multiple suppliers delivering marketing projects can result in varied interpretations of brand guidelines, and conflicting messaging and tone of voice across customer touch points.  

These branding inconsistencies can confuse your audience and devalue the strength of your brand. 

Achieve Greater Flexibility and Agility

A streamlined approach enables agility and flexibility as your business priorities change. Using one consultancy means you can easily shift the focus to another priority or project as required.  

In addition, having one consultancy allows for faster decision-making and implementation. This allows your business to be more responsive in an ever-changing marketplace.

Get Fresh Perspectives From a Team of Experts With Marketing Expertise Across Multiple Industries

Outsourcing with a local Adelaide marketing consultancy means your business will benefit from having a whole team of creative marketing specialists with expertise across a broad range of industries.  

Our team leverage their collective knowledge and diverse skill sets to offer complete solutions that encompass various marketing specialties. This integrated approach ensures consistency across your marketing activities and enhances the overall effectiveness of your campaigns. 

Purple Giraffe has the capabilities to manage all facets of marketing, from strategy development to tactical execution. Our team of specialists have extensive experience maximising outcomes across both traditional and digital marketing channels.  

To summarise, exclusively outsourcing your marketing requirements with Purple Giraffe means your business will benefit from: 

  • Maximised operational efficiency 
  • Time savings and streamlined communication with one point of contact 
  • Brand consistency across all touch points and marketing activities 
  • Alignment of strategic and tactical priorities  
  • Better value and reduced costs
  • Greater flexibility and agility as priorities change 
  • A team of experts that can provide fresh perspectives and solutions 

Our team have a deep understanding of what makes your customers tick and genuinely cares about creating success for your business and brand. If you’re looking for an integrated outsourced marketing solution for your business, get in contact with us today.  

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Caitlin Zygmant

Caitlin is a data-driven, detail-oriented, and passionate Marketer with experience designing multi-channel strategies; growing engaged audiences and driving conversions to meet and exceed strategic objectives. Caitlin has worked extensively across Accommodation and Tourism, Restaurants and Bars, and in the Craft Beer and Spirits space, with a strong understanding of both B2C and B2B markets. She is experienced in developing creative marketing strategies, optimising websites, driving eCommerce sales, social media management, paid ad campaigns, and email marketing. Her experience also extends to new brand launches, product launches, development of marketing plans, data analysis, and developing detailed reports for a variety of stakeholders. Caitlin is client-centric and prides herself in her ability to grow awareness and engagement for both new and established brands, by creating high performing end-to-end marketing campaigns. In her spare time, Caitlin enjoys visiting local breweries and distilleries, getting outdoors for a hike or beach walk, trying new cocktail bars and restaurants, and has recently taken up motorbike riding.

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