What Does Your Font Say About Your Business?

Choosing a font is crucial for the image of your business. The font type you choose for your logo, your website, your marketing collateral and other marketing assets says a lot about you and your business.

Whether it is a shop front sign on the street or a logo on your website, it’s usually the first thing that your potential customers will see of your business and helps them to form a first impression. A font helps to convey your message in a particular light and shape.

Your font choice isn’t as simple as selecting the one that you like. There are many things you need to consider. Such as the nature, voice and tone of your company. Your website graphic design should go well with what you want you portray or what message you want to communicate to your audience.

When choosing a font, always keep in mind that it represents various characters and tells end users much about your brand.

The Basics of Font for your Brand Development

There are a lot of different components that make up a good branding, including the logo and the font choice. Fonts are often designed to include a few style variations, including italic, ultra-bold, semi bold, bold, regular and light. There are a lot of basic font classifications, and among the most popular ones are the display fonts, script fonts, sans-serif fonts and the serif fonts. There are also many other font types, but these are the most useful and common in business communications.

  • Serif – these fonts carry a traditional, classic look. They are considered to send a feeling of respectability, confidence, reliability and authority.
  • Sans Serif – in general, these fonts have a modern, clean, sensible and clean feeling to them. Some typograph professionals recommend the use of these fonts for the web because they are easier to read on a screen.
  • Script – these are cursive fonts that generally represent creativity, elegance and femininity.
  • Display – these fonts are decorative and commonly used for headlines or logos.

When it comes to business and for your target customers, first impressions count. Whether you are aware of it or not, your font selection speaks volumes about you and your business. Your brand needs to be recognisable instantly and fonts play a crucial role for brand development and identification.


Now that you understand that your choice of font can greatly affect your target audiences’ mindset about your business, you may be tempted to purchase a font. However, you have to keep in mind that some purchased fonts are not supported on all platforms. For example, you could set your email to send messages in your purchased font type but the receiver email does not support this font type so they see your email in the email default font.  Be sure if you decide to purchase a font that you know what the “default font” will be and you are happy with this alternative.

When you want to encourage return customers, build brand loyalty, evoke emotion and establish brand consistency, the right font will play a vital role in the consumer-brand experience. There is no industry that has to be left out in terms of fonts. Whether you are a retailer, a lawyer, a merchant, a designer or whatever field you are in, branding is all about targeting your customers’ senses.

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