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The two major players in the digital space, Google and Meta have introduced some crucial updates that you need to know about. To keep you in the loop, we’ve given you a run down on all the details below….

Google introduce the shift to Google Analytics 4

Google have officially announced the replacement of Universal Analytics with Google Analytics 4 (GA4). So, mark your calendars, because on July 1, 2023, all standard Universal Analytics properties will stop processing new hits and shift over to GA4.

It is essential for your business to have accurate and up-to-date data, therefore, starting in March 2023, you must create a new GA4 property. If you don’t, Google will create one for your business based on your original property and reuse existing site tags. GA4 will only collect data from the time you set up your account, therefore, the earlier you make the switch, the more historical data and insights you will have in GA4.

If your business doesn’t move over to the GA4 system, your Google Analytics will no longer show any data from July onwards. Whilst Google states that they will automatically migrate over the tracking from your existing tracking codes, it does not ensure that your tracking will work or be tested.

Unlike Universal Analytics, GA4 uses a flexible model based on events that provide more accurate reporting and a greater digital experience for advertisers and audiences alike. With GA4, your business can gain a better insight into your customer’s journey across multiple channels and devices. The platform also offers better data privacy for users.

Google states that the platform is set to:

  • Collect both website and app data to better understand the customer journey
  • Allow for easier report creating and analysing of more reliable data
  • Use event-based data instead of session-based data
  • Provide insights on user behaviour and conversions
  • Have the flexibility to measure different types of data

How to switch to GA4

Check out Google’s guide on what is required to make the switch to GA4 today.

Need help migrating?

If you don’t know where to start in your transition from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4, our expert digital marketing consultants are here to help! Chat to our team today.

Meta launch paid subscriptions to verify accounts

Meta has introduced a new verification subscription service called ‘Meta Verified’ allowing users across Facebook and Instagram in Australia and New Zealand to obtain impersonation protection and access to increased visibility and support.

The Meta Verified subscription provides users with a verified badge (the coveted blue check mark) which authorises you as the real individual. This verification further aims to provide users with a greater deal of protection from impersonation with consistent account monitoring for impersonators who may target your account. If you are verified, Meta will know the real you, therefore having imposter accounts removed will be a lot easier.

Subscribers of Meta Verified will also have access to converse with real people for any common account issues as well as obtain greater visibility and reach due to a higher status in some areas of the platform – like search, comments, and recommendations.  With an ever-evolving algorithm, and increased competition, being Meta Verified could give you a competitive advantage over those who aren’t.

Meta Verified will also offer “exclusive features” for subscribers, allowing you to express yourself in various ways. This will include exclusive stickers on Facebook and Instagram Stories and Reels, and 100 free stars a month on Facebook so that subscribers can show support for other creators.

How to know if you are eligible

The subscription is priced at $19.99 AUD per month  on web or $24.99 AUD on iOS and Android.

To be eligible, your account must meet the activity requirements set by Meta, such as prior posting history, and be at least 18 years of age. As an applicants you are also required to submit a government ID (e.g., driver’s licence) that matches your profile name and photo of your Facebook or Instagram account. However, it is important to know the Meta Verified program is currently not available for businesses, but just personal accounts.

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