How to improve your Instagram algorithm ranking in 2023

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The Instagram algorithm is forever changing, and it is hard to keep up!  

Firstly, what is an algorithm? An algorithm is a set of rules that determines how content is ranked on a platform. It determines what content appears on the feeds of all Instagram users and in what order.   

The main challenge when the algorithm changes is maintaining your business’s Instagram ranking status. We all know the best way to improve your ranking is to drive as many interactions (likes, comments, saves, and clicks) as possible as the interactions will build momentum with your existing followers, and allow your content to surface to new audiences.   

However, that’s not all! There is more you can do on Instagram to improve your algorithmic ranking and reach new audiences, and it’s only six simple yet highly effective steps:  


1. Instagram Reels  

It is no lie that Reels are taking over Instagram! After all, they are still being heavily promoted across the entire app experience.  

Did you know Reels get twice as much exposure on the Instagram Explore page?  

Now is the time to get creative with reels and include them in your content calendar. If you still need to get to the speed of reels, include sharing reels to your Instagram stories to boost your visibility. Or reach out to our talented Purple Giraffe team for guidance 😉.  


2. Use Instagram story stickers

Instagram story stickers are a clever way to boost audience engagement as they encourage users to interact with your content and brand. The poll, emoji slider and question stickers are the most effective stickers in driving engagement. By gaining more engagement through your Instagram stories, the higher your Instagram page will be boosted within the Instagram algorithm as the platform will view your brand as favourable content. 


3. Encourage a conversation within your caption

Post engagement helps your ranking, so why not drive your followers to like and comment on your posts? One of the best ways to do this is to write clever captions that drive a conversation or a reaction within the comments. It can be as simple as asking your followers to share their thoughts, tag a friend or click on the link in your bio.  


4. Hashtags and Keywords  

If you are still a strong hashtag user, don’t stop! Using hashtags and keywords in your posts are an effective way to reach more people on Instagram. A greater reach, means more views for Instagram to take into account. 


5. Cross-promote your Instagram content

 Try cross-promoting your Instagram content for a quick and easy engagement win. Reaching new audiences with Instagram Collabs posts (with co-shared authorship) has never been easier.  This new feature from Instagram allows you to collaborate with other users and share your content in sync on BOTH pages! This allows you to reach a greater audience and engage with other communities. 


6. Instagram Insights

An effective strategy to combat the Instagram algorithm is to track and monitor how your content is performing.  

A better understanding of what content is and isn’t performing can help fine-tune your content calendar, as you will understand what your followers and new audiences like to see from you.  The more favourable your content is, the more likely the Instagram algorithm will pick up on it. 


Remember to know your niche, continue to share engaging content, and be consistent with posting alongside these six simple steps, and the algorithm will do the rest. Our talent team at Purple Giraffe are always here if you need advice or support when it comes to social media. 

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