How to Sell More Wine Using Pinterest

Pinterest is a popular image sharing site with exclusive social media features. It has been creating a buzz in the social media marketing community due to its massive growth since its launch in 2010. Pinterest claims to increase sales and conversation rates.

Aside from being an image sharing site, Pinterest is also recognised as one of the leading lifestyle social media platforms. While Instagram acts as virtual photo album and Facebook keeps individuals connected, Pinterest acts as interior decorator, online cookbook, advice columnist and wardrobe stylist all wrapped into one.

Pinterest provides a platform for businesses to sell a lifestyle – not just a product. Building stories around your pins with your target audience in mind.

How Wine Retailers and Wineries Can Use Pinterest

Various brands already have their own boards and profiles on Pinterest. Some businesses have millions of active Pinterest users and are now using social media to track down popular products and services. It is known that department stores are identifying Pinterest-popular items or products and then stocking them in their brick and mortar stores.

Wineries can also use a similar approach to be able to promote and sell more wines. Wineries can display their bottles of wines in their tasting rooms with an exclusive Pinterest signifier. Knowing that wines are already fans’ favorites will encourage more visitors and more brand interest. Moreover, your wine business can capitalise on promoted or buy-able pins.

Buy-able pins tend to work with a particular e-commerce platform allowing shoppers to buy products directly from retailers/customers. Promoted pins on the other hand advertise links and wines back into your product pages within your site.

Pinterest is proven to be a great way of promoting wines essentially as lifestyle products among particular sets of clients. Regardless if wine sellers do not really use promoted or buyable pins, Pinterest itself will help to spread better brand awareness and increase consumer engagement.

So, Should Wine Business Be Using Pinterest?

It all comes back to your content marketing strategy. However if your target market is using Pinterest then you would be foolish not to be there. Being an image rich platform, you wines can be well showcased. Because of Pinterest’s appealing visual designs, there is greater potential for wine businesses to effectively define and then expand their exclusive brand image, personality, values and much more through an affiliation with many other different lifestyle-related boards.

Pinners are engaged, loyal advocates who are actively looking to purchase and live the dream. Pinners are looking to discover new brands, be inspired and to shop.

The main objective of Facebook is to share and see updates with families and friends, while Twitter is for information sharing but on Pinterest, most users are in the discovery mode and are willing to switch and explore to find the best services and products that they want and feel inspired to buy and try.

Creating excellent boards with images or videos will definitely introduce your wine business, your products, your staff and your brand to interested consumers.

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