Instagram unveils new ‘Events’ feature

Instagram events

Instagram has unveiled a highly anticipated feature for Australian users that has long been missing from its platform – Events! This new addition could change the way users engage with online events – but will it be a game changer?

What are Instagram Events?

The Instagram Events feature operates like Facebook Events, allowing users to create and manage their own events while also discovering events from those they follow and those they find whilst exploring. Users can set events as either public or private, offering flexibility in terms of guest size and exclusivity.

With Instagram Events, you can customise event details such as the event name, display photo, date, time, location and description. Additionally, there is a chat function, similar to Instagram Direct Messages within the event feature, enabling seamless communication with guests.

Here’s what you’ll need to do to locate the brand-new Instagram Events feature on your mobile device:

  1. Visit your profile and tap the plus sign in the top right corner (+)
  2. Select Events
  3. Add a name, description, time and place for your event. Use the toggle option to make it public or private
  4. If you create a private event you can directly invite people and share the link to your event in direct messages or off-platform
  5. If you create a public event you can share it on your stories, via direct messages or off-platform with a link
  6. To see a list of all your events whether they be ones you are hosting, attending or looking to discover, go to your profile, tap the three parallel bars on the top right corner and scroll down to Events

Invitees can RSVP their attendance, however, if you have been invited via an external link you may have to request access to pass a restricted view of the event.

Instagram Events feature


Leveraging Instagram Events for Your Business’ Benefit

Expanding Your Reach

Instagram boasts over two billion monthly users, with Gen Z favouring the platform. If your event is aimed at users aged 16 to 24, and women aged 24 to 32, Instagram Events can offer better traction as opposed to using Facebook Events. Another great advantage of Instagram Events is being able to invite all your followers, significantly increasing event reach and excitement.

Boosting Attendance Rates

By creating your events in Instagram, it allows for further promotion through Instagram’s additional features such as Stories which can significantly enhance its reach and attendance rates. You can also encourage guests to share the event with friends and family through their Instagram profiles, amplifying its overall impact.

Optimise the Chat Function

Utilising the chat function regularly in the lead up to your event can boost guests’ engagement and build excitement. It can also help educate guests on what to expect from the event and share important updates surrounding it.

Need Assistance?

If you’re in need of a hand to help your business optimise the Instagram Events feature – get in touch, we’d be happy to help!  Stay tuned for more insights as we continue to explore this exciting new feature.

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