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Marketing is vital to running a small business. The last thing you want is for your current strategies to go out-of-date. Getting your head around these helpful tips for marketing your small business may increase your exposure!

1. Outline what you want to achieve

Ensure you know what your aim is when creating goals and make them achievable. This could be as simple as creating an annual plan or outlining small goals for your team to achieve each month! For example, creating a dedicated clientele requires years of hard work and consistent effort. However, try not to be discouraged early on – your goals will eventually become a reality if you stick to what you’re aiming to achieve!

 2. Understand who you are trying to reach

Work out who your target audience is, then take the time to understand how you will reach them. Think about strategies that work for your select audience and build from there.

The content you are producing, your marketing style, and the branding of your business should be based around your audience. In order to reach your desired demographic, consider their preferences, needs, wants and behaviours.

3. Create meaningful content

If you are struggling with creating content or need direction in the ever-evolving marketing world, turn to the professionals!

If you are on a budget, engaging with a professional may be daunting. However, with some research, you’re bound to find a marketing company that aligns with your business’s core values. Read reviews, explore their socials, and look at some of the work they have created with previous clients. Outline your budget and go from there. Depending on your target audience, having professional help could be the exact push your business needs to gain customer engagement.

If this isn’t possible for your business, here are a few simple post suggestions that could engage your followers at zero cost:

  1. Create a contest: This can be as simple as a giveaway where you can get followers to like and reshare your post on their story – therefore further exposure.
  2. ‘Get to know me’ posts about your business and team: This creates a personalised connection with followers and can create organic engagement.
  3. Customer reviews: Repurpose reviews into posts sales are likely to increase if your followers’ read recommendations from customers. Good reviews can provide new customers with the validation they are looking for to choose your business over other competitors.
  4. Celebrate milestones: Share your success. Make the most of posting on birthdays, work anniversary’s, national holidays, sales milestones, awards – you name it!
  5. Company culture: Show off your values, what you offer, your goals and throw in some humour at times!
  6. Make yourself useful: With some basic marketing insight, running things yourself is a great option! This not only will cut down costs but will also reflect your business in a more personal and organic way. Interact with your followers, reply to messages, and share relevant posts! Ensure you remain professional and are open to constructive criticism. Acknowledging any concerns shows customers you truly care. Customer feedback can help you improve your business further!

4. Make the most of freebies

If you haven’t checked already, a quick Google for free resources can open your options up to a range of assets to help build your brand.

Google Maps, Google Locations, Yelp and LinkedIn are a few websites that are great marketing building blocks for your business. A great first step is to create your very own Google business page, listing essential details –location, website, email, phone number, business hours etc. Once verified, your business will be easily located with one quick search, plus, can be easily reviewed!

In addition to this, creating social media accounts is a no brainer. Some great free platforms for small business growth include Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter. Building these platforms overtime is essential – growth will not magically happen overnight, but you must start somewhere!

It may be worth investing in paid advertising if you feel your social media platforms are not reaching your intended audience, or if you are looking to gain a larger following.

A paid advertisement is a great ‘next step’ for those who have already created a foundation for their business and want to improve their traffic! Commonly, paid adverts or campaigns are more successful at reaching specific or niche audiences, therefore attaining your target audience.

5. Stay true to your brand

This may be obvious, but it is so important to stay on brand when marketing your small business. Your brand creates a memorable impression on consumers and can be used to distinguish yourself from other businesses within the same industry.

Ensure all visual elements ­– including branding, socials, website, and any additional marketing material used, are aligned with your business’s brand and visual identity. Ask yourself why your business is the better choice, and ensure you know what it is that sets you apart from the rest!

If you would like further tips to marketing your small business, get in contact with us today!

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Asha Lawson

Asha Lawson

Asha is studying a Bachelor of Media Arts at Flinders University, graduating at the end of this year! Asha is currently undertaking an internship with us here at Purple Giraffe to gain industry experience, with a strong focus and interest in Social Media Marketing, graphic design and content creation. She is a motivated and eager learner, determined to extend her knowledge within the marketing side of the creative industry!

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