New Facebook Algorithm Update for Video Content!

The advice in today’s social media landscape is often; video content is best!

Videos grab attention and provide a level of engagement not seen with stand alone imagery but how will this engagement be impacted by new changes to the ranking of videos within Facebook?


Facebook has just announced big changes to their algorithm for video content across News Feed, Facebook Watch and “More Videos” recommendations.

The goal is to ‘help talented video creators find their audience and build profitable video businesses on Facebook’ and ‘help people on Facebook discover great videos and build relationships with the creator’.

To achieve this Facebook are updating and strengthening three factors that will impact video ranking:

  1. Loyalty and intent: Intent and repeat viewing will become important to surfacing videos to people. More weight will be given to videos that people seek out and return to. Meaning a long term video content strategy may be required by pages to cement engagement and reach rates.
  2. Video and viewing duration: Videos that capture viewers attention for at least one-three minutes are optimum on Facebook. With the platform now prioritising videos that keep people engaged particularly on longer form videos.
  3. Originality: Unoriginal or repurposed content from other sources that doesn’t add value will be demoted, and distribution and monetisation strictly limited.

You can read more about making the most of video content on Facebook in their blog here.

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