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Why your business needs an office dog!  

Here at the PG Tower, we love office dogs! So much so we welcomed our Wellness Consultant, Coco the Cavoodle, last year. It’s safe to say she instantly became the office favourite. 

Since having Coco join the Tower, it has been nothing but amazing! She plays her role as a Wellness Consultant extremely well – bringing endless benefits and a great ordeal of bragging rights! That’s why we wanted to share with you why getting an office dog is a great idea, as we would know from experience.  

Lower Stress Levels:  

It is no secret that work can have its’ stressful moments here and there. If you’re a fur baby parent, you know the feeling of coming home and being welcomed by their adorable face. At the PG Tower, us lucky Giraffes get to see that sweet face every day. 

Having Coco has encouraged our employees to take a breather when needed, by either patting Coco, having a quick play with her toys, giving her cuddles, or taking her for a short walk. 

Research has shown that patting a dog lowers the stress hormone cortisol, reduces blood pressure, decreases anxiety, and increases the levels of the feel-good, happy hormone oxytocin. 

Boost Productivity:  

It’s hard to believe an office dog would boost productivity, especially since their zoomies and cuteness can be distracting. However, Coco encourages the team to take sporadic breaks to cuddle, play, take her on quick walks or laugh at her adorable little snores as she naps. Taking time away from the screen or the task at hand can leave you feeling refreshed and energised when you return, making you work more effectively. 

Bonds the Team: 

Dogs are known to increase communication and the overall bond between team members. Having a dog to chat about creates common ground for team members who may not have much in common or are new to the team, allowing the stimulation of conversation. More conversation in the office means a stronger bond between people, which creates a strong company.  

It is good for Coco!  

Not only are office dogs good for the employees, but they are also good for the dog. If you are a parent to a furbaby, you would understand the gut wrenching feeling of having to leave them home alone all day whilst you head into the office. Having Coco with us is an excellent way for her to socialise with the other employees, get spoiled with their affection (we know who her favourites are), and explore all the Adelaide CBD dog parks.  

It’s clear to see why a furry friend would be the perfect addition to your team. Gather our tips and present this blog to your manager to secure a furry Wellness Consultant as your next recruitment! Worried your manager isn’t convinced about having an office dog? There is a national “Take Your Dog to Work Day” in Australia. The next one is on June 23rd, 2023. Use this day as a trial run for office dogs; it is also a great way to fundraise for the RSPCA. 

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