Outsource vs in-house marketing – choosing the right option for your business

outsource vs in-house marketing

Having your own business is rewarding, but it often means wearing a multitude of hats and attempting to be an expert in things that you don’t necessarily know much about – and may not necessarily want to know about either!

Marketing is one of those things, however it is an essential part of business.  Especially if you have ambitions to grow.  If you don’t do it well (or at all), at best your business will struggle and at worst it will be at risk of failing.

Marketing is a vast and specialised area, so resourcing it well is a challenge faced by many small businesses who often have marketing needs greater than their reasonably modest budgets.

Deciding whether to resource internally or outsource your marketing, can feel overwhelming – but it can also be crucial to taking your business to the next level.

To assist you in determining whether outsourced marketing aligns with your business needs, we’ve outlined several benefits in our recent article featured by Showcase SA. This article has also featured in the Showcase SA newsletter.

Showcase SA connects and highlights South Australia’s vibrant business community, offering distinctive experiences, events, training, skills enhancement, as well as networking prospects to businesses of all sizes across both regional and metropolitan areas of South Australia. Purple Giraffe is a Showcase SA partner and we’re proud to be an active participant in the local SA business community.

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Picture of Kelly Wagner

Kelly Wagner

Kelly Wagner has more than 20 years of diverse professional experience across the public and private sector. As a marketer, Kelly has specific skills in strategic business planning, social media management, event management and marketing communication. Kelly has worked with large corporations and also established a number of start up businesses and seen them through to sustainable success.

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