Podcasting: a final word

If you haven’t yet had a chance to check out our Purple Giraffe Podcasting Series, don’t fret! Here’s a final run-down which provides the absolute essentials, or give you a chance to review everything important if you’ve been keeping up to date!


What is podcasting?

Podcasting is audio broadcasting on the internet which works as internet-radio on demand! Essentially, it’s audio blogging that’s increasing in popularity as a marketing tool.


How do you make a podcast?

In short, you need an awesome plan, basic equipment such as a microphone, headphones and computer, and an editing software program. Once your audio file is good to go, choose a podcasting host and submit it to popular directories such as iTunes and Google Play Music.


Why does your business need podcasting as a marketing tool?

Nowadays, consumers want information in an abundance of ways and they want it now and at their own convenience. Podcasting is a unique marketing tool through which businesses can generate an edge over competitors by leveraging an emotional, two-way dialogue with their target audience. Podcasting is different, authentic and opens doors to some powerful opportunities in the future.


What makes a successful podcast?

Know your audience, be authentic, promote your episodes and make the most of featured guests and sponsorships are all great tips! Most importantly, have fun and be authentic, as podcasts are a fantastic way to showcase your personality and generate an organic following of listeners who genuinely value your work.


What mistakes should you avoid in podcasting?

A poorly planned strategy and low-quality equipment should be avoided when it comes to podcasting. It’s also important to keep adapting your content, leveraging influencers and including ‘calls to action’ in each episode so that listeners are motivated to subscribe and follow you on your social media platforms.


Bottom line on podcasting:

A final word: once you’ve mastered all of the above, you need to promote your podcast! There’s no point perfecting the art of podcasting if no one is listening. Congratulate yourself first, then tell everyone about it!


Thanks for coming on this learning journey with Purple Giraffe. We wish you the best of luck in your own podcasting endeavours!

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Picture of Gemma Tripodi

Gemma Tripodi

Gemma Tripodi is an aspiring marketing professional who is completing her final year of Commerce at the University of Adelaide (2019). In particular, her interests are in social media and market research, having completed placements in the areas of digital marketing and marketing communications. As a part of her study, she undertook an internship with Purple Giraffe and hopes to pursue a career in fashion marketing beyond graduating.

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