Psychology and Social Media – understand your audience

Successful social media is dependant on a number of things but nothing less important than understanding your audience.

The best way to do that is to understand some basic principles of psychology including:

  • Why people share the social media content that they do
  • How to build trust with your audience
  • How visuals boost engagement
  • Why colour affects audience behaviour
  • How to use emotion when creating a successful social strategy
  • How personal experience sells a product for you
  • Why reciprocity is great at developing brand trust
  • How to use the power of FOMO (responsibly)

To help with Psychology 101 for social marketing, Hootsuite compiled 8 psychology lessons that social marketers should know.

1. People share content to relate to other people

2. People trust their peers

3. The majority of people are visual learners

4. Colour is key when establishing your brand

5. Positive content gets shared more often

6. A customer’s personal experience helps assign greater value to your product

7. If you scratch their back, your customers will scratch yours

8. People don’t want to miss out

For more detail on these tips – check out the full Hootsuite article here.

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