Read our Virtual Dinner Party Tips in The Advertiser!

On the front cover of todays Advertiser, the ever lovely and talented Katie Spain has covered the latest on Coronavirus hibernation and it’s all about zooming in for a virtual feast with friends!

We shared our Virtual Dinner Party Tips that we have learnt from taking our monthly Giraffe Bar networking event online (P.S. you can join in on our next event on May 6 here)

Check out our Virtual Dinner Party Tips below:
  • Turn off other applications that are using wifi (live streaming drags on the wifi).
  • Make sure your space (and face) is well lit.
  • Make sure your device is sturdy and positioned at eye level.
  • People who are not talking should turn their microphones on mute.
  • Have a moderator to direct which person should speak next.
  • A two-hour time limit (maximum) is ideal.
  • Make it fun.
  • A theme helps with conversation. It could be your favourite recipe or do a wine tasting, tell a story, dress up as your favourite character and deliver your favourite one-liner from that character. Anything to give people a common focus and something to focus on rather than the doom and gloom of COVID-19.
  • Order food and wine from your favourite restaurant or producer (so you can concentrate on socialising rather than cooking).

Check out the full article here.

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