Social media marketing matters in 2022

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Does social media marketing matter in 2022?

Social media marketing has continued its growth through the COVID-19 pandemic and the first half of 2022. Millions of new users have started to use the internet and social media in the past 12 months according to a report published by Hootsuite.

A social media presence forms the foundation for many brands. Social media is no longer a nice to have, it is now a requirement for brands to compete in 2022. “Social media marketing” refers to all marketing activities on social media, including messaging; content creation and user-generated content, paid advertising, hashtags, community building and linking to external platforms.

It’s not hard to see the benefits of social media marketing when there are 4.70 billion social media users globally. 80.6 percent of Australians are active on social media, providing a huge opportunity for your business.

So, why does social media marketing matter?

Social media provides greater accessibility

Social media is globally accessible. The average social media user is active for 2 hours and 29 minutes per day and accesses approximately 7 different platforms; enabling businesses to reach a wide target market.

Combine accessibility, time on social media and active users and businesses can achieve widespread reach and regular frequency; keeping their business top of mind for consumers.

Building a presence on social media

Hootsuite found that 55.7 percent of Facebook users and 62.7 percent of Instagram users engage with social media to follow or research brands.

With a large percentage of users on each platform seeking out new brands and businesses, differentiating your business is key. Look to differentiate your business by creating a unique brand perception, brand personality, offering and aim to relate with your target audience on an emotional level. Successfully combining these aspects of a brand will attract loyal customers and allow your brand to stand out amongst others.

Influencers and brand reach

Influencers can help extend a brand’s reach.  In fact, 22.3 percent of social media users globally say following influencers is their main reason for using social media.

Influencers come in many forms; celebrities, micro-influencers, industry experts, solo reviewers, the list goes on. The number of micro influencers on social media has exploded from 2020 onwards. These influencers have between 3k-100k followers, connect deeply with their audience and provide an authentic and perceived trustworthy experience. Therefore, influencers can be a great asset for businesses looking to extend their brand reach.

Social validation

A total of 43.6 percent of all brands are researched through social media. This displays social media as a trusted methodology for researching a brand, known as social validation. Social validation is measured through number of likes, followers, user generated content, reviews, and celebrity/influencer related content. Brands are now expected to have some form of social media presence to be trusted and achieve social validation.

Social media marketing matters in 2022. Whether your business seeks increased reach, frequency, lead generation or general online presence; social media can provide a great opportunity for you.

If you need assistance with your social media marketing, our team of marketing experts is ready to help! Chat to us today. 

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