We approached Lynda Schenk from Purple Giraffe about a month ago with a request for assistance to achieve a specific goal with our database.

When Lynda explained what we wanted to achieve, it became apparent that there was a lot more to it than what we had considered, and without the understanding of what was involved, it was going to be difficult for us to achieve.

With her insights into business marketing, she was able to provide a roadmap as an overview of the process to achieve our goal, as well as a clear set of tasks to start working on it. With this information and her ongoing guidance, I know we will achieve this goal within the timeframe we wanted.

Even if you are just wondering what you may need to market your business better, I recommend you to have a chat with Lynda, because she has the skills to clarify your thinking and provide a clear way forward to success in marketing goals.

I thank Lynda, and also look forward to her ongoing help in the months ahead.

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