Top 4 tips to optimise your LinkedIn page in 2023

4 E's of LinkedIn Marketing

Adapting to the ever-evolving digital world can be quite challenging and though numerous platforms can be used to interact with the public, understanding each platform and using it in the most effective manner can be an intimidating task.

With approximately 4.67 billion people actively engaging on social media platforms in 2023, LinkedIn has been identified as one of the most popular social networking sites with nearly 830 million users.

Whilst LinkedIn has been identified as a ‘place to network and find jobs’, the big question is: can the platform be used by brands?

And the answer is yes! Proper use of the platform can help your business achieve a lot, from creating brand awareness to generating ‘leads’, the benefits are countless.

So, jump on the LinkedIn bandwagon and score big by using the 4 Es for LinkedIn marketing.



Make your brand easily discoverable by creating a personal profile that captures attention.

Many people visit the accounts of the individuals associated with the business before even going to the company page, therefore, your personal profile must give a great first impression.

Create an impressive profile by adding a professional photo, a concise headline, sections with education, employment information, accomplishments, volunteering activities , skills, and much more.

Creating a company page!

Your company page is the first thing people see when searching for a brand name on LinkedIn and thus, it has to represent the brand.

  • Start by adding your company’s logo and a background image
  • Adding a short and compelling headline or tagline can help communicate the mission and vision of your company to your audience
  • Add your business’s location, contact number, website URL, and a ‘call to action’ button
  • Use the ‘About’ section to express what your brand does and specializes in

Wondering what the ‘Call to Action’ button does?

The ‘Call to Action’ button allows your business to directly engage with the audience visiting the page. You can select from the five options namely Contact Us, Learn More, Register, Sign Up, and View Website. You can also customize the button as per your requirements.



For your business to be noticed on a platform that has millions of viewers from various industries, you must develop content that adds value to the lives of your audience. Ask yourself: what kind of impact will the blog have on your readers?

To post content that matters, divide your content according to the 4:1:1 rule.

  • Out of 6 posts, 4 posts should focus on adding value. This can include informational content with news, articles and graphical representation.
  • 1 post out of 6 should focus on ‘soft selling’ with casual and subtle messages in the form of stories, activities by the company, and much more.
  • The last post should be a hard promotion. Create posts that focus on ‘Call to actions’, promotions, and bookings for this category.

Following this golden rule can help your business create a better overall experience for your audience, which should be the motto of your brand at this stage.



LinkedIn, like any other social media platform, works on an algorithm that focuses largely on engagement and consistency. Here are some tips to be on the top of the ‘LinkedIn’ game:

Create content that matters

  • To create content that captures your audience’s attention you must first understand them. Researching to know what your viewers are interested in can help you create relevant and engaging content.
  • Structure your content with a question at the start, followed by 2-3 sentences with your insights on the topic using common keywords. Focus on the importance of the content for your audience and finish with a question to encourage conversation. Add a variety of trending hashtags to get noticed in searches.
  • Don’t be afraid of posting text-only content. Though there are a variety of features available to modify the content on LinkedIn, traditional text-only content still gets a great deal of engagement.
  • Add images to support your content. It can get you 21x more views.

Post Consistently 

To make the most of the platform, consistency is key.

  • Post one activity daily and at least one article or story that is of value to your audience once a week.
  • Though the ‘optimal’ time for posting is generally considered to be between 11 am-2 pm from Tuesdays to Thursdays, there is less competition on weekends which can provide an added advantage. Therefore, posting your content during this period can take you one step ahead of your competition.

Be consistent

Here is a checklist of  activities that can help your business boost your engagement rate:

Every Work Day:

  • Scroll through your feed and react to a minimum of 5x posts
  • Scroll through your feed and comment on a minimum of 1x posts
  • Use a variety of reactions on posts e.g celebrate, like, love
  • Click and repost relevant existing posts



LinkedIn stands by the phrase, “Your network is your net worth.” If you want to enhance your businesses presence you must expand your connections on your personal profile.

  • Connect with people you already know. Support the connection request with a personalised message.
  • Remember to respond to connection requests and check your suggestions for ‘people you may know’.
  • Build relationships by creating and joining existing LinkedIn groups. Participate in the groups by posting content, starting discussions, adding opportunities, and much more.
  • Invite your connections to like your business page.

LinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation than other social media networks, so jump the queue and optimise your LinkedIn page today with these tips!!

If you’re looking to enhance your marketing strategy, chat to us today.  Our team of marketing specialists can assist you in developing your strategy and enhancing your LinkedIn page.

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