Top Tips for Managing Social Media over the Holidays

Social media traffic spikes over the holidays – up to a massive 73%.  But you want some downtime from your business and your screens and of course, your staff are requesting leave too!

Our best advice is to prepare ahead of time with these top tips and if you need some extra support and proper peace of mind, perhaps consider outsourcing….

  1. Review your standard processes – make sure your usually systems and processes have been adjusted for the holiday season.  If people are back-filling other roles, male sure they know the temporary role and have access to the platforms and social media accounts they need.
  2. Review your response times – if you’re working on a skeleton staff or want to reduce your own time on social media, manage your customers expectations around response times proactively with automated messages or by letting them know you won’t be as active as usual.
  3. Trouble shoot ahead of time – brainstorm possible issues and put in place contingencies to deal with them.  Planning ahead of time is a good insurance policy and helps you feel prepared in the event issues do arise.
  4. Consider outsourcing – give yourself and your team a proper break and outsource your social media management over the holidays.  Don’t leave it just to anyone though, ensure that your outsourced provider is appropriately qualified and resourced to manage your business and protect your brand.

If you’d like to chat through your options with Purple Giraffe contact us today.

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