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With social media now a key player in the marketing space, most businesses are accessible to communicate with their audiences across a variety of platforms. These tools provide businesses with an informal and often out of hours space to respond to new and returning customers. One of these is Facebook Messenger and can be a valuable tool to manage and increase accessibility and provide an excellent way for customers to ask questions and interact directly.

The good news is that all businesses on Facebook automatically have a linked Messenger account. This makes the set-up easy!

However, If you are unsure if it’s of benefit to your business, I’m going to tell you why it absolutely is.


What is it?

Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging platform that can be used in conjunction with a Facebook page or as a standalone. It is designed for two-way communication and can be used to:

  • Send messages and exchange photos, videos, stickers, and audio files
  • Interact with bots
  • Make voice calls
  • Make videos
  • Play Instant Games
  • Share locations
  • Create surveys
  • Make payments

In a digital world, consumers are preferring messaging as a way to contact businesses instead of calls or even email. With this in mind, it’s important for businesses, especially those that have an active Facebook community, to be visible and responsive on Messenger.


The features

Messenger has a range of features that are designed to help you and your customers receive the best experience from the platform. These features highlight for customers which businesses are the most responsive as well as giving options to speed up conversations.

Some of these are:

  • Messenger greetings – create a greeting for customers who start a conversation with your page to receive
  • Saved replies – save and reuse responses to commonly asked questions
  • Instant replies – an automatic message a customer receives when they message your page
  • Away schedule – set your page as “away” when you are unable to respond to messages
  • Ads – add a Messenger link to your ad campaigns
  • Response rate badge – a rating visible on a business’ Facebook page which highlights average response times


The benefits

Messenger allows private communication with customers. This is great for many reasons as it allows in-depth product and service discussion and the ability to resolve any issues that are best not shared with a broader audience.

There are many benefits to using Messenger but here are some of the top ones:

  1. Build quality customer relationships

Almost everyone is using a smartphone today and by being readily available on Messenger customers and businesses can instantly and directly interact. Businesses have the ability to respond quickly and have conversations that will assist in building customer relationships.

  1. Build brand trust

It takes work and time to build brand trust. By having digital conversations with consumers using Messenger, you are showing them there’s a person behind the brand and that they want to help. This instantly builds trust and consumers are more likely to enter the purchase funnel.

  1. Reach more customers

Messenger, like other platforms, has advertising and engagement options. Messenger ads are one way for businesses to reach large and relevant audiences. Other examples of tools to reach customers through this platform include using a Messenger button on your Facebook page and Messenger codes.

  1. Stay organised

Messenger provides tools to help you keep on top and aware of messages received. This allows monitoring and fast response times to messages, keeping them organised with other notifications, so you never miss a customer.

  1. Privacy for sensitive conversations

Messenger is a great way to have private conversations with a customer that may not be suitable for public consumption.


In conclusion

Facebook Messenger allows businesses to connect and interact with customers on an additional level to the main Facebook platform.

If you’re not sure if this is for you or if you want to re-evaluate your Messenger strategy, contact the team at Purple Giraffe today and we’ll help get you started.

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