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Instagram Threads

By now, you’ve probably heard of Threads, Mark Zuckerberg’s latest contribution to the social media realm. Coming hot on the heels of Instagram’s soaring popularity, Threads aims to weave its own unique pattern in the social media fabric, much like its predecessor.

Threads, a text-sharing and public conversation application, is Instagram’s fresh take on real-time updates and public trending conversations. It stands as a stark competitor to Twitter, which has been relatively static since Elon Musk’s takeover and the subsequent launch of the ‘Twitter Blue’ experiment.

So, what are the fundamentals of Threads? At first glance, it looks set to amplify what Instagram excels at and bring that magic to text-based communication. Like Instagram, Threads allows you to connect and interact with people you follow.

Potential Business Game-Changer?

There’s no doubt that Threads presents an intriguing proposition for businesses. There are four key ways that Threads could win over the business landscape:

Audience Reach: Threads already boasts 100 million users, with growth showing no signs of slowing down.

Streamlined Advertising: Seamless integration with Meta Ads and the ability to tailor content based on previous activity could revolutionise the way businesses advertise.

Direct Engagement: The platform allows brands to communicate directly with their audience, providing a unique opportunity to engage, inform, and inspire.

Evolution Potential: Though currently lacking the hashtag function, Threads is likely to adapt and evolve to meet user needs.

Let’s unravel the business benefits of Threads in a bit more detail….

Thread-ing Your Business Path

Though it’s still in its early stages, Threads has already woven an impressive user base of 100 million and counting. This alone showcases an expansive audience pool to engage with. Threads could turn the perceived drawback of a text-centric platform on its head. It provides a fresh avenue to engage audiences with clear, concise messaging. Think of it as your business’ text-based elevator pitch platform.

A Seamless Ad Thread

Here’s an enticing extra – advertising on Threads will be seamless for brands already in the Meta Ads network. According to Paul Kelly, director of market research firm Analytic Partners, Threads might emerge as a “one-stop shop for advertising.” Businesses can shape their content for the new Threads users from the outset, drawing on their past Facebook or Instagram activity data. This could potentially provide Meta with a decisive advantage.

Reach and Share-ability

A rapidly increasing user base of 100 million and growing indicates a colossal audience awaiting your business on Threads. Moreover, the platform’s design allows you to connect with audiences beyond your followers, expanding your reach.

Growth of Threads

Though it currently lacks the hashtag functionality synonymous with Twitter, which consolidates related posts into a single feed, there’s little doubt this feature will emerge over time.  Much like every other social media platform, as Threads develops and the creators learn more about user patterns and behaviours, new features and functionality will emerge.

So – is Threads a fit for your business?

Threads presents an innovative opportunity for businesses to connect and communicate with a rapidly growing audience.  And there are certainly up-sides to being an early adopter of any new social media platform or feature.

Threads could potentially be the solution that seamlessly integrates all your social media marketing requirements.

But before you start knitting your presence on Threads a few things to consider:

  • As with any platform or marketing venture, it’s essential to evaluate whether Threads brings valuable benefits to your business and effectively connects you to your audience.
  • Is your target market active on Threads? With a current take-up of 30 million the answer may well be yes, but before you stitch up a Threads account make sure you take a look at their audience demographics.
  • Can you sustain the content creation and post-scheduling demands of the platform? Like any social media platform, consistent, quality content sharing and community engagement will be necessary.  Does this fit within your current digital activity? And remember – at this stage it is not possible to schedule posts on Threads and  there is no API connection supporting third-party scheduling platforms, meaning all content needs to be posted natively, in real time.
  • Finally, be aware that once you establish a Threads account, deleting it also means removing your existing Instagram account. This is a crucial factor to ponder before hastily joining the trend.

Where to now?

If you’ve considered the pros and cons and decided to go ahead, it’s time to pull on this new social media thread and see where it leads your business.  Let’s get started….Who knows? You might just weave the perfect success story.

  1. Get Instagram: First, you need an Instagram account to create a Threads account. If you do not have Instagram download and install the app and create an Instagram account
  2. Get Threads: Then, search for and download the Threads app.
  3. Create your Profile: Create your Threads profile by importing details from your Instagram account. Set your profile to public or private. A private profile means that only those who follow you can see and interact with your Threads posts. A public profile means that anyone on the Threads app, even if they do not follow you, can see and interact with your Threads posts.
  4. Build your Tribe: Next, follow the same accounts you follow on Instagram. You can skip this step if you prefer not to follow those accounts on Threads.
  5. Then Join the Conversation! Engage with other people’s content and create your first Threads post!

With those 5 simple steps out of the way, it is time to get Threading…

And if sewing on social media isn’t your thing – get in touch, we’d be happy to help!

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