What does colour say about your brand?

Colour of your brandHave you ever considered what the colour of your brand means to others? Colour offers an instantaneous, non-verbal method for conveying a meaning and message about what your brand represents.

Human brains are programmed to respond to colour. Colour can influence the way people feel, behave and act upon things.

The colour that you use to represent your brand is not just in your logo, it is in everything you do. It is the colour that you paint your office or retail store, it’s the colour of your staff uniforms and the colour of your promotional material and product packaging. Colour can instantly express a message and raise feelings of your customers and staff alike. From a staffing perspective, colour can increase office efficiency and productivity.

So choosing the right dominant colour for your brand is critical.

When considering your brand’s true colour, keep in mind how this colour will extend across all of your business and brand elements. You should also take into account the psychology of the colour. Colours can mean different things depending on culture, situation and industry.

Below are some colours and their meaning to help you decided on what colour is right for your brand.


Serious, bold, powerful, classic, dramatic and sophisticated.


Authority, calming, confident, dignity, established, loyalty, power, success, secure and trustworthy.


Calming, depth, earth, natural, roughness, richness, simplicity, serious, subtle, utility and woodsy.


Crisp, environmental, fresh, harmony, healing, health, inexpensive, money, nature, renewal and tranquillity.


Affordable, creativity, enthusiasm, fun, jovial, light hearted, high-spirited and youthful.


Appreciative, delicate, femininity, floral, gentle, girly, gratitude, innocence, romantic, soft, tranquil.


Ceremony, creative, expensive, fantasy, justice, mystery, nobility, regal, royalty, sophisticated and spiritual.


Action, adventure, aggressive, blood, danger, drive, energy, excitement, love, passion, strength and vigour.


Simplicity, cleanliness and purity.


Caution, cheerful, cowardice, curiosity, happiness, joy, playful, positivity, sunshine and warmth.


The bottom line is that colour is a very important part of our daily lives and therefore your brand. It’s critical to use colour appropriately and understand the meaning behind each colour you use in anything to do with your brand.

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