What is digital media?

what-is-digital-mediaIn today’s modern society, we are continuously moving towards a digital world media.

The internet is an easy and common place for people to interact with friends and family, buy and shop for wanted products, and for businesses to share their ideas, plans and most importantly their portfolio. These online locations are continuing to play a major role in our business environment, and our connection to digital resources got me thinking, what exactly is digital media?

A question that at first I thought was easy to answer, but after a quick google search, I realised I was quite wrong. The web shows that there are many different interpretations for this simple question, a term that is used quite loosely. The most commonly reffered to definition was ‘any audio, video or photo content that has been encoded or digitally pressed.’ This was not the path I intended.

So I had a quick brainstorm, and I realised that since my search was for business purposes, I should change my original search to ‘what is digital media for businesses?’ This produced a clearer path, more along the lines of what I was looking for.

Although there were still several different definitions for digital media, the one I found to describe the term best was ‘a range of tools, support materials and resources for learning that help to build bridges of opportunity for learners.’ This makes much more sense to me. Digital media is any form of tool or support that allows us to learn new information, or find out more about a product or brand.

For businesses, their most common form of digital media is their website. The go to place for consumers to search anything related to their business, and hence it is important it is developed and managed correctly. Along with their website, other online platforms for businesses include social media, forums and news pages, all of which are important in the overall success of a businesses digital footprint.

In summary, a digital platform refers to an online multimedia platform, which can perform several key functions. These key functions include communicating with other businesses, engaging with customers etc, all for the main purpose of enhancing a business and making a profit. And therefore, the online resources we use such as websites, social media, emailing etc are all forms of digital platforms, and are increasingly having an larger impact on the success of business in the modern era.

Written By:  Angus Bruce, Marketing and Communications Student, Marketing Intern for Purple Giraffe

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