Why podcasting is an important marketing tool

Podcasting is a unique marketing tool because it gives your business a competitive edge in today’s growing technological world.

Podcasts last a lifetime:

If full of entertaining and relevant content podcasts do not expire, EVER! This is important for marketers and content creators because it means a well-optimised podcast embedded into your website will last a lifetime. The same content can be downloaded and listened to again and again which organically boosts consumer engagement. Even when you discontinue releasing podcast episodes, you’ve still got high-quality content to which you can refer back in the future. This extends to podcasts which are transcribed and released online. These written documents often contain links that direct customers and visitors to online platforms such as social media or web pages. It’s important to note that these are organic links, and often play a huge role in search engine optimisation, provided the headings and titles relate to a consumer’s online search. This is a great way to increase reach and engagement which are beneficial to your business.

Podcasts are engaging:

Podcasts are a great way to create a two-way dialogue between a business and its customers. They’re different from written content because they enable an interactive message to be conveyed, therefore having a more sound (pun intended) impact upon consumers than written content is able to achieve. Episodes are engaging and arguably more convincing when it comes to promotion because there’s the opportunity for more calls to action. Credibility can also be added by featuring guests who have an influence on listeners’ buying decisions.

Podcasts are focused:

Podcast content can be extremely focused because only listeners interested in the topic will play your podcast or subscribe to it. Therefore, you can tailor the needs of your target group and avoid wasting resources trying to attract individuals who are not prospects.

Podcasts build relationships with the audience:

If someone listens to your podcast, it’s because they WANT to. As a marketing tool, podcasts help build relationships between the creator and the listener. Podcasts are intimate and give listeners the feeling they’re talking, or listening, to a friend. A listener will subscribe to your podcast if they have something in common with either you or the brand you’re representing. Over time, listeners develop a strong connection with the brand and begin to build trust it. A podcast builds authenticity and transparency for a brand and gives listeners a preview of the behind the scenes – again building the two-way dialogue and relationship. Ultimately, people are more willing to buy from a brand they’re familiar with.

Podcasts are unique:

It goes without saying: podcasts are DIFFERENT to other marketing tools. They have only recently sparked popularity and there’s no denying that they’re on the rise. Implementing the tool quickly means you’ll likely beat competitors to it which gives you an advantage and an increase in attention. Podcasts give you a chance to showcase your company’s authentic-self and gain only the customers who fit perfectly with your business. It’s a win-win for both the business and the consumer.

Appealing to listeners:

Nowadays consumers love information on-the-go, so why not take advantage of this by bringing out a podcast. Whether your listeners are driving, exercising or busy at work, they can plug in headphones and be captivated by their favourite topic within seconds of pressing play. Podcasting enables brands to tell their story when and where best-suits the listener, so it makes sense why they’re so appealing!

Podcasts are easy to make:

In comparison to other marketing tools, podcasts aren’t overly complicated. And, better yet, podcasts don’t have to break the bank. As long as you’ve got the basic equipment and access to the (mostly free nowadays) editing software, you should be good to go. From there, a good Wi-Fi connection becomes your best friend when it comes to uploading your masterpiece. Remember that if your budget is still super tight, you can always ask to feature on an existing podcast instead!

Podcasts build brand value and brand awareness:

Podcasts help businesses build brand value and drive brand awareness. They’re designed with a specific target audience in mind so content and featured guests are tailored around this very ‘persona.’ You have freedom to match your topics with listeners who you KNOW value your brand. Over time, they trust you, become familiar with your offering and spread this good will and word to their friends, families and acquaintances. You can also feature influencers on your episodes who not only promote your podcast, but also drive traffic to your brand itself. Freedom is key!

Bottom line: podcasting brings uniqueness to your marketing strategy. It’s different, authentic and opens doors to some really cool opportunities.



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Gemma Tripodi

Gemma Tripodi

Gemma Tripodi is an aspiring marketing professional who is completing her final year of Commerce at the University of Adelaide (2019). In particular, her interests are in social media and market research, having completed placements in the areas of digital marketing and marketing communications. As a part of her study, she undertook an internship with Purple Giraffe and hopes to pursue a career in fashion marketing beyond graduating.

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