Why Would I Outsource Marketing?

why-would-i-outsource-my-marketingThe question isn’t: Why would I outsource marketing?…it should be: Why wouldn’t I outsource marketing?

The benefits of outsourcing your marketing are:

  • Reaching your goals – outsourced marketers are measured by results, and they can’t do this effectively unless they are working closely with you to develop your strategic goals with integrated campaigns that reach your desired target market
  • It saves you costs – you don’t need to employ a person, therefore no work cover, superannuation, insurance, phone, laptops and/or car costs
  • Choice of hours – you don’t need to fill up somebody’s day with work, you can choose the amount of hours you want your outsourced marketer to work per month
  • Experience and Expertise – you gain experience that doesn’t come from one internal staff members.  Outsourced Marketing work across different industries and can offer marketing solutions that you may not have thought of in your industry
  • Availability – you outsourced marketer is available to you every day of the working week, no need to wait for the part time staff members day in the office
  • Adhoc Marketing Expenditure – you can eliminate adhoc marketing expenditure that doesn’t achieve return on investment criteria
  • Maximise Marketing Spend – outsourced marketers can maximise your marketing spend through tried and tested experience as well as adopting, innovative and creative solutions to your marketing

All of the above views are the ethos of Purple Giraffe and may not be that of ALL outsourced marketing providers.

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Lynda Schenk

An energetic and strategic marketing professional with over twenty years’ experience in industries ranging from wine, not for profit, transport, logistics and manufacturing. Lynda founded Purple Giraffe Marketing Consultancy in 2014 offering an end to end marketing service that draws on her proven ability to formulate brand strategies and marketing communications plans that build brand equity, growth and profitability.

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