Why your business needs a marketing plan

Whether you’re a one-person show or a major corporate across multiple locations, every business needs a marketing plan. As important as marketing plans are, many business owners don’t devote the time and resources to developing an actionable marketing plan.

Learn all about what a marketing plan is and why your business needs one in our recent article featured by Showcase SA. This article has featured on the Showcase SA website.

Showcase SA connects and highlights South Australia’s vibrant business community, offering distinctive experiences, events, training, skills enhancement, as well as networking prospects to businesses of all sizes across both regional and metropolitan areas of South Australia.

Purple Giraffe is a Showcase SA partner and we’re proud to be an active participant in the local SA business community.

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Picture of Fadila Valiyff

Fadila Valiyff

Fadila is a young rising Marketing and Communications professional as she comes to the end of her Bachelor of Marketing and Communications degree at the University of South Australia. With a passion for copywriting and social media marketing, Fadila finds helping clients achieve their marketing goals a reward in itself. Her can-do attitude and commitment to bring brands to life, allows her to work efficiently and expand her knowledge and passion within her work here at Purple Giraffe.

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