How to Write Effective Social Media Copy

Social media marketing is extremely effective, as long as your copy stands out. You don’t need to be a professional at copywriting, but you will need to develop the skills to make it work. This is especially the case with social media advertising. Here are some handy tips to write effective social media copy to encourage people to like, share, or buy your story or products.

Strip Away the Fluff

More often than not people try to tell a story with their copy. It’s time to strip away the fluff and just talk to your potential customers. Tell them all about your wine and why you’re offering it. Make it clear why they need it and how they’ll benefit from it. They’re more likely to buy that way.

Think About the Headline

The first rule of copywriting is to make sure your headline stands out and grabs attention. It needs to draw people in and make them want to know more. Consumers are more likely to stop scrolling through social media and click on your link. Don’t click-bait. People don’t like that, but they do want to be intrigued. There’s a fine line that you will have to master.

Have a Purpose

There’s no point just posting for the sake of posting. Your audience won’t pay much attention to social media advertising that they can’t understand the need for. You’ll need purpose, and make that purpose clear as soon as you start. This draws people in and helps you target the right people from the beginning, making your conversions better.

Make It Easy to Read

Your social media posts need to be easy to read. There’s nothing worse than having to read over something three or four times. They wont and you will lose them. Social media is fast-paced, so write with that in mind. If in doubt, clearly spell it all out.

Write like you Speak

Writing like you speak is more difficult than you may think. However, when you sound like a real person in your copy you are more likely to engage your reader. Be sure to use short words, short sentences and short paragraphs.

Focus on the Content

Be sure to focus on the content, not the sales outcome. You will gain greater credibility from creating interesting content that is genuine rather than focusing on the sale.

Adding Shared Content

You don’t have to do it all alone. Develop a network on trusted Social Media sites that talks your talk, and share their content on your platform. Be sure their content is meaningful to your target market and audience, only share appropriate content, and don’t share for the sake of sharing.

Keep a Consistent Voice

Consumers get to know a company’s personality through their social media tone. So be consistent in your voice, this will help to build trust and familiarity of your brand.

Review, Analyse, Learn and Try Again

Be sure to analyse past posts to determine what works consistently and what doesn’t. If posts don’t work, learn from them and don’t post them again or adapt them and try again to see if you gain greater engagement.

Always edit your work

The most critical step in your copy writing process is the editing. Be sure to step back from your writing and put your editor’s hat on. Try to think like you know nothing about the topic. Are you explaining things so that anybody can understand it? Having someone else look over what you have written can help immensely at this stage.

Good social media copy will help to build and create a voice for your brand, develop loyal followers and sell your product. Employ these basic copywriting skills and see the benefits.

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