COVID-19 shifts in online shopping behaviours

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Our Head Giraffe, Lynda Schenk, recently had this article published on Koshie’s Business Builders.

What are the COVID-19 shifts in online shopping behaviours? As the pandemic abates, Australians are cautiously returning to shopping centers. However, the last two years of COVID have accelerated and further entrenched consumers’ online shopping habits. In fact, our love affair with online shopping is set to get even more profound.

We’re now so comfortable with online shopping that we’re much more open to buying from new brands, with 59 percent of consumers reporting they have purchased from new brands since the pandemic began.

However, the growth in online shopping has coincided with an increase in scepticism. This has caused consumers to be more belief-driven and increasingly seek authenticity from brands through user-generated content (UGC).

People are eager to see genuine passion in content utilised  by their favourite brands. It’s clear consumers seek more authentic and personalised shopping experiences through sharing UGC, rewarding brands that acknowledge and utilise them.

Learn more about the COVID-19 shifts in online shopping behaviours here.

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