Google Advertising in a Digital Economy

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With the digitalisation of today’s economy and the progressive movement towards an online world, businesses must rely on their digital presence to stay ahead of the curve and acquire new customers. People today have access to more information than ever before. With billions of online searches happening each minute, the world is quite literally at the consumer’s fingertips.

This movement towards global digitalisation is why the stressing importance of a business’s online visibility is vital to its overall performance. Customers are searching for products and services online, with many competitors vying for their attention, if you don’t show up on google, you can bet you won’t be given a second thought.

There are many methods of increasing your businesses searchability and online presence, some of which are outlined in other Purple Giraffe blogs posts. These include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), customer avatars and Facebook branding. However, none of these methods can provide the impact like that of an effective Google Ads campaign.

Buckle in, because you’re about to learn the ins and outs of one of the most powerful advertising platforms available today.


What are Google Ads?

Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords) is an online advertising platform developed by Google. Advertisers bid to display their advertisements, service offerings or product listings in a wide range of formats to the copious amounts of google search engine users worldwide.

The Ads work through a competitive bidding system against other advertisers targeting the same people and key search words for similar products and services. If your ad wins the bid, you’ll pay Google the amount you specified and the person searching on Google will see your ad at the top of their search results.

Simple enough right?


Why implement Google Ads?

Google Ads is built around three core principles: relevance, control, and results. Aiming to show relevant customers who would be interested in your business, or those searching for your targeted keywords, exactly what you have to offer them. Best of all, with the cost per click (CPC) methodology. You only pay for the customers that click on your ads and visit your website; at the amount you’re willing to pay.

This allows you to cut through the nitty-gritty of optimising SEO and implementing citations and gets your business straight to the front page of Google.


What are the different types of ads and their functions?

Google Ads are not a one size fits all approach. Through analysing your marketing plan and overarching business goals, you can tailor the Ad to meet your specifications and help to achieve these goals.  Whether you want to increase brand reach, influence brand consideration, drive sales or promote events, there is a Google Ad type for you.

The following are the three main Google Ad types you may wish to consider.


Google Search Ads are text advertisements that reach potential customers interested in your product or service. These Ads are highly versatile and can be used if you’re looking to increase website traffic, drive sales and generate leads.

You can target customers searching for specific keywords like ‘marketing’ or ‘Adelaide businesses’ and show up at the top of their feeds. Taking a real-world example, see below a Purple Giraffe general campaign aimed to boost website traffic.


Google Display Ads are image advertisements that can be displayed across the all-encompassing ‘Google Display Network’. This network is a group of more than 2 million websites, videos and apps that have allowed Google to show your Ads on their platforms.

These Ads are perfect for increasing brand reach and consideration across a broader range of customers than that of keyword-targeted search ads. They work by targeting people of specific groups, demographics, residential locations, and interests to attract your ‘ideal customer’.



Google Video Ads are exactly what you think they are. They allow you to reach and engage viewers on YouTube and across the web with video advertisements. There is a vast array of video ad types, but I won’t get into that today.

Video Ads are the perfect fit if you’re looking to increase your businesses awareness, reach and brand consideration. Especially if you already have a stable customer base with sufficient social proof.


Using a combination of these Ad types with different marketing objectives, you can build an effective marketing funnel, taking your customers from their first interaction with your business through to the conversion, all through the power of digital advertising.

In all, Google Ads is a must-have when it comes to online digital marketing. Whether you’re a SME fighting to distinguish themselves in the market, or a large firm looking to increase sales volume and turnover, Google Ads has something for you.

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