How To Take Advantage of TikTok For Business

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With more than 2.6 billion downloads, TikTok’s rise in popularity is showing no signs of slowing down. From educational videos to beauty transitions; there are endless ways to utilise TikTok for your business. Taking advantage of TikTok for business can provide opportunities in any industry to build brand awareness, generate leads and increase engagement.  Not to mention have some fun along the way.

Below are five key strategies your business should consider for your TikTok debut:

Analyse trends amongst your audience

TikTok has a range of topics including entertainment, dance, DIY, educational, pranks and travel. Research your audience to understand their preffered content and topics they are engaging with. Utilise your findings to influence the content you develop.

For example, if you find your audience most engaged with dance videos, you can post videos of your employees dancing to fun trends around the office.

Be more playful and less commercial

To stand out in a crowd of content, your content needs to be unique, attention-grabbing and relevant to your audience and brand. TikTok thrives off originality so let engagement be your guide and explore what is fun about your business.

Ensure you clearly understand your brand’s culture, values and identity so your content is genuine, soft in tone and true to your brand whilst avoiding typical corporate guidelines. The more authentically you represent your brand, the better you’ll do on TikTok.

Take your audience behind the scenes of your office, have your employees show off their desk, what they do in a day or play a good-hearted prank around the office. The message is to be entertaining.

Take part in TikTok challenges

Increase your brand’s engagement and visibility by participating in TikTok challenges. Find out what song, dance or activity is trending and create your own branded version to share with your community. This will increase your visibility and make you more relatable.

Alternatively, you can choose to create your own TikTok challenge.  Before you start a challenge, know your goals. Do you want to increase brand awareness, promote an upcoming event or generate leads?

Once you know your objective, you can promote your brand-new challenge in various ways, such as:

  • through sponsored hashtags
  • launching a contest to encourage participation by awarding a prize to the best participant
  • partnering with influencers in your niche and asking them to participate in your challenge using the hashtag

Share user-generated content (UGC)

While developing your own content is effective in promoting your business and building brand awareness, you can also tap into your consumer content.

Develop a hashtag for your business or product and ask audiences to use it whenever they share something on TikTok about your brand. This allows viewers to learn about your brand through the best marketing technique – word of mouth.

For example, when someone sees a TikTok video of a user wearing a designer hat, they’ll seek to learn more about the product through following your business hashtag. This could potentially lead to the generation of sales as a result of a TikTok video.

Take it a step further, by seeking the permission of the user to share or repost this content across your social media platforms!

Share the right hashtags

Allow your content to be discovered by researching hashtags. What kind of hashtags are trending? What does your target audience click on? Which hashtags relate to your business? Don’t use popular hashtags for the sake of it. Ensure your hashtags are relevant to your videos to avoid leaving users disappointed when clicking it.

Keep in mind TikTok is a platform used for amusement, not hard selling. Users are searching for fun content that will entertain them, therefore, ensure you utilise your hashtags strategically to get your audience’s attention.

TikTok is here to stay so we recommend you take advantage of it for your business and consider utilising these tips to build brand awareness, revenue and engagement!

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