4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Video Content

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In the ever-evolving world of social media, we have witnessed a shift in popular content. Visually appealing content – specifically video content – is becoming one of the most important ways to communicate your message and expand your growth online.

Adam Mosseri – Head of Instagram, explains in an Instagram live that video will be a key focus for the platform moving forward. He states, “Video is driving an immense amount of growth online for all major platforms” (Mosseri, 2021).

Are you looking to grow your engagement and following? Here are 4 reasons why your business should start creating video content:

1. Video content gets better exposure

We’ve all heard of the saying ‘A picture speaks 1000 words’; well, a video speaks millions! Many social media platforms have already hopped on the video trend and introduced many ‘video’ related features. The latest features are often boosted to prompt usage – an excellent exposure tip for businesses! For example, Instagram introduced reels in 2020 and they are still being promoted within the app today.

Video content has consistently performed well across a multitude of platform algorithms, but why is this? It all comes down to attention span. Video content captures users’ attentiveness for longer than a post with text or imagery.

When creating video content, think of it more like a conversation. Ask yourself ‘what do I want to say to my audience?’. Overwhelming users with multiple topics will cause them to swipe away. It helps to keep it simple and get straight to the point. After all, you want to leave them keen to find out more. Easy improvements to enhance your engagement includes elevating your video and sound quality, in addition to watermarking your videos with your brand logo! These simple tips can improve brand credibility and recognition, whilst also maintaining your corporate identity.

2. Users LOVE video content

Social media users love videos, they are easy to digest and one of the most addictive forms of media. Since 2018, the number of users consuming video content online has doubled – and this is estimated to grow in the coming years.

Due to the pandemic, working from home has become the new norm. Social media users are spending more time than ever online – which can be used to your business’s advantage.

Users are looking for quick and entertaining content that compels them from the get-go. Video content is the perfect way to achieve this. TikTok is a prime example. The short-form video app has rapidly taken over the world, offering users endless entertainment. Like a pokies machine, scrolling through quick, engaging videos is completely addictive ­– which is exactly why your business should jump on the trend. With the possibility to interact and share video content, it has superior results with resurfacing and remaining in the social media eco-system for longer.

To ensure this technique works for your business, try maximising every tool and keep the momentum going. For example, all social media platforms are practically search engines these days – try to use that to your advantage! If you want to be on the trending or popular list, ask yourself these questions:

  1. ‘Have I written a captivating caption?’
  2. ‘Am I using relevant and popular hashtags or tags?’
  3. ‘Have I chosen an engaging cover image for my video?

3. Video content captures the eyes of your audience

Video content can completely captivate your audience if done in the right way! Since each individual business has a unique target audience, the techniques used to reach them varies as well. Consider the genre of content your audience already consumes and brainstorm from there.

For example, Gen Z have grown up with the internet and all things social media. This means video content, in particular entertaining short-form videos, tend to perform extremely well!

That being said – videos can also be a great tool for explaining in-depth concepts. The aim is to grab users’ attention in the first few seconds and build from there, no matter your target audience!

4. Multipurpose use

Many businesses may not have hopped on the ‘video bandwagon’. This is typically because they don’t know where to start, or the expense is too high.

Three tips to help combat these issues:

  1. Focus on a simple idea that is achievable and title the video with key words to optimise engagement.
  2. If you don’t have a high-quality camera, use a phone to shoot on (Most smartphones shoot in high enough quality for social media)
  3. Save your money and make the most of social media ‘in-app editing’ features. If the video is for an alternate platform, make the most of free editing applications like iMovie or Filmora Video editor.

Video content may seem inconvenient during the initial stages of creation, however once a basis of footage is compiled, it can easily be consumed on multiple platforms. Many social media formats cross over with each other, meaning your content becomes multipurpose – a win-win situation! Invest your time now to reap the ongoing benefits later.

Multipurpose formats:

  1. TikTok and Instagram reels (short-form content)
  2. Instagram Stories and Pinterest video pins (short-form content)
  3. IGTV, Facebook Watch and YouTube (longer form content)

Videos can give your brand the value and voice it needs – far more than any text or image ever could. With video content expected to continue skyrocketing in the coming years, why wait to start making the most of social media video assets.

What are you waiting for – start creating your very own video content today!

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