Case Study

To develop an action-based marketing plan and then to support with the implementation of the plan, mentoring and up-skilling existing staff, with the view to increase student enrolments by 20%.
December 2021 – February 2022
Auctus Team

Project overview

Auctus, over the last decade, have developed a relevant portfolio of courses, strong relationships with stakeholders and industry and a dedicated team of trainers and loyal staff.  They have an integrated range of communication and sales channels, and offers bespoke services, with a heavy reliance on one course offering.  They poses a genuine commitment of all staff and training to change lives through education.

Changes in the education landscape at the time of this project was the main driver of the need to engage Purple Giraffe®.

Issues included the constant risk of funding cuts, over dependence on a single course offering, and the increased demand for online learning.

As a result, the development of an action-based marketing plan was required to assist in the implementation of tangible marketing outcomes to support the growth of the business and expand course offerings.


To grow the business and achieve greater return on investment, it was identified that Actus needed to focus on key strategic pillars that were implemented in stages as follows:

Stage 1: Implement consistency in the branding of the business and improve visibility

Stage 2: Strengthen current sales and marketing channels 

Stage 3: Improve and increase digital and traditional communications 

Stage 4: Upskilling existing marketing resources and implement templates and marketing structure for the team to follow for years to come


The Auctus business continues to grow from strength to strength. From the implementations of these strategies, their business has grown by over 50% to date.  We are pleased to advised that existing team members are now managing the business with a systematic and analytical approach.

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