Clarke Energy & AEP

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Clarke Energy & AEP
Develop, implement, and execute an event management strategy and plan for AEP which would assist the organisation in strengthening brand awareness and enhancing credibility, engagement and leveraging networking and sponsorship opportunities to generate leads.
May 2024

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Clarke Energy at AEP

Project Overview: Australian Energy Producers Conference & Exhibition

In late 2023, Clarke Energy, a leader in power generation solutions, engaged Purple Giraffe to enhance their presence of the Australian Energy Producers Conference & Exhibition (AEP) 2024 in Perth. This collaboration aimed to effectively showcase Clarke Energy’s cutting edge technologies and reliable, sustainable solutions for the energy sector.

The brief was to develop, implement and execute an event management strategy and plan for AEP which would assist the organisation in:

  • Strengthening brand awareness and enhancing credibility
  • Growing their audience, reach and engagement
  • Leveraging networking and sponsorship opportunities to generate leads


Held annually, AEP brings together the industry’s leading global minds to share and discuss the industry’s response to the growing challenges facing the sector. The event also features a range of exhibitors, including exploration and production companies, equipment and service providers, technology and software developers, and government agencies.


Challenges included:

  • Effective branding and messaging: Ensuring that Clarke Energy’s brand and message stood out the major Australian oil and gas industry event.
  • Engagement strategies: Developing strategies to engage attendees and highlight Clarke Energy’s expertise in gas, diesel, and hydrogen-ready power solutions.
  • Coordination and logistics: Managing the logistical aspects of participation, including custom booth design and onsite activities.


Purple Giraffe provided comprehensive support to Clarke Energy through the following initiatives:

  • Strategic Branding: Developed a cohesive branding strategy that emphasised Clarke Energy’s commitment to reliable, sustainable power solutions.
  • Custom Booth Design: Designed an engaging and custom booth that showcased Clarke Energy’s latest technologies and innovations.
  • Targeted Messaging: Crafted clear and compelling messages that communicated Clarke Energy’s value proposition and expertise in emerging energy technologies.
  • Event Marketing: Implemented a robust marketing plan to attract and engage attendees, including promotions and on-site activities (Happy Hour sponsorship).
  • Logistics Management: Managed all logistical aspects including event registration, liaising with event organisers and third party suppliers, and executing bump in and bump out, ensuring a smooth and seamless participation experience for Clarke Energy.


Clarke Energy’s partnership with Purple Giraffe resulted in a highly successful presence at AEP through:

  • Increased Visibility: Clarke Energy’s booth attracted significant attention, enhancing brand visibility and recognition.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Effective engagement strategies led to meaningful interactions with potential customers and industry stakeholders.
  • Strong Branding: The cohesive branding and messaging effectively communicated Clarke Energy’s strengths and commitment to sustainable energy solutions.
  • Positive Feedback: Received positive feedback from attendees and industry peers, reinforcing Clarke Energy’s reputation as a leader in power generation solutions.


This collaboration between Clarke Energy and Purple Giraffe exemplifies the power of strategic marketing and effective event management. Purple Giraffe’s expertise enabled Clarke Energy to showcase their innovative solutions and engage with key stakeholders, and at the conclusion of the event, Clarke Energy had collected details from a myriad of attendees, a testament to the organisation amplifying its audience, reach, and engagement.

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