Clarke Energy

Case Study

Clarke Energy
Marketing action plan and marketing direction
Early 2020

Purple Giraffe can develop succinct marketing plans that breaks down strategies into an actionable timeline that can followed and measured against into the future

Project overview

Clarke Energy Australia is currently well positioned in the marketplace for producing gas engines, however they initially had trouble in gaining market share for their diesel-powered product Kohler.

The project brief was to assist in the development of an action-based marketing plan with practical application for Clarke Energy’s inhouse marketing and sales team. The aim of the marketing action plan was to provide execution direction to build brand awareness and increase leads for the Kohler brand within Australia.

The action-based marketing plan included:

Following this, Clarke Energy outsourced a number of their marketing tasks to Purple Giraffe allowing them flexibility to:


Clarke Energy currently have a detailed action-based marketing plan to guide their marketing activities for Kohler, with the option of outsourcing marketing tasks to Purple Giraffe on a needs-basis.

With presentation of the marketing action plan
in early 2020, we are currently monitoring to identify the long-term effect of implementing
the recommended marketing actions, including writing and publishing regular blogs in order to:

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