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Marketing and social media, brand awareness and franchisee engagement
Ongoing since 2016 

Purple Giraffe harnesses the ability to adapt and respond to social and environmental circumstances, challenges and opportunities, and support businesses on a needs-basis


Project overview

The scope of Purple Giraffe’s involvement has evolved over time to reflect the changing business objectives of Jaymak. However. the underlying objective has consistently been to support Jaymak’s business activities in terms of:

This has been achieved through a variety of marketing based activities and strategies including:

Purple Giraffe developed a digital advertising strategy and campaign with aggressive targets for building brand awareness and lead generation, aimed at growing the number of sites serviced and geographical areas services by growing franchise numbers. Campaign results were positive.

Purple Giraffe also conducts regular Brand Awareness Surveys and report to measure the success of the activities undertaken. Pleasingly, the results indicate that brand awareness has improved year-on-year as has the net promoter score.


The activities undertaken by Purple Giraffe, in partnership with Jaymak over the years has contributed to the achievement of Jaymak’s sales and growth objectives as well as brand awareness and lead generation.

Jaymak’s social media provides validation to potential clients. Despite relying on organic activity and largely B2B messaging on consumer platforms, good results have been achieved.

Jaymak’s audience, engagement and page impressions have also grown across all social media platforms.

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